Saturday, November 29, 2008

~~Getting Ready For Christmas~~

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I know we did. Yesterday was kind of quiet but I did make a quick trip to Michael' and out . Did you do the Black Friday Sales? Every once in awhile I think it would be fun to hit the sales....maybe some day. I really love the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping, and I'm looking forward to doing that in a few days. Speaking of shopping, is anyone finished? I have some gifts but still more to do. Right now I'm enjoying...... holiday music . I'm listening to Mariah Carey.....I just got this CD and I'm loving all the songs. I almost bought this CD last year but I had already bought a Johnny Mathis one and I try to buy just one new one each year...and that is so hard to do with all the beautiful music out there. While I'm listening to my music I'm putting all Fall and Thanksgiving things away. What a job.........away go the doilies.......
I especially love the tatted one. My granma tatted...I wish I had learned.

Nearly all the turkey's are wrapped and in their crates, I just need
to get these three off the kitchen shelf. Need to get the ladder for that. I really like to stand on a chair but Carl is scared to death I'll fall. And....
must not forget the little candle turkey's. They are resisting being packed away...they go in the extra refrig, I don't think they like the cold but I don't want them to melt.
Well, back to work. After we put all this away I want to do some cleaning and maybe even start putting Christmas out. Have a happy weekend....hugs, Linda

Thursday, November 27, 2008

~~Happy Thanksgiving~~

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be blessed with much joy. Warm hugs, Linda

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~Getting Ready For Tomorrow~

Look at this handsome turkey from our friends, Rob and Michelle...I love him. Last night we got together for a quick bite to eat and to do some catching up....we had a good visit, lots of laughs and treasures for each other. It was a happy evening. Well, I'm nearly ready for tomorrow....... The silver is polished, dishes all washed, linens are ironed and all the groceries bought. All I need to do is pick up our fresh turkey and a bunch of parsley...and I'm leaving to do that in just a few minutes. I'm looking forward to cooking and all the yummy leftovers. How are you doing, are you cooking...are you pretty much ready? Hugs, Linda

Saturday, November 22, 2008

~~ We're Moving~~

I'm so excited, we are moving! This is our little houseboat docked in Walnut Grove. We've had it for two years and it's just a fun get-away...kinda like a little cabin in the mountains, but on the water. I don't even care if we start the motor, I just enjoy sitting on the deck relaxing, watching the world go by, reading, get the idea. Carl just likes to set a pole out and see what he can catch. We are moving it to a marina that's just 15 minutes from our home. What I'm really thrilled about is we will have electricity and running water....I love it. I'm already thinking about a little tree and Christmas lights for the houseboat.
This a view of part of the marina from the levee. Our spot is.......
between the two outside boats. We are moving next week...can't wait! Hugs, Linda

Friday, November 21, 2008

~ The Winner Is ~

Time for the drawing to see who will be the next one to read The Hard Way.......... Honey...will you please do the honors.........
And the winner is..............
Andi....At Andi's Everyday Adventure. Congratulations and enjoy....thank you to those who entered. Andi, I'll be e-mailing you shortly. Wishing you all a nice evening....hugs, Linda

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

~ A Book and A Pretty Scarf~

I just finished reading a neat book...The Hard Way, by Julie Luongo, who is a friend of Jennifer at Sweet Pea Stitching. Jennifer received an early release of The Hard Way and after Jennifer read the book she passed it on to another blogger and then this blogger passed it on, until Teresa at Sew Many Thoughts passed it on to it's my turn to pass this read on. If you would like to enter the drawing to read this book, please let me know when you leave a comment. After you read the book be sure to sign it then offer it on to someone else.

In my book package, Teresa also included the sweetest card and a darling book mark, plus a PIF. Do you see the beautiful pink scarf? It is just gorgeous and Teresa hand knitted it. I feel very blessed to have received this lovely gift from her and when I wear it I will think of the very talented lady and blogging friend who made it for me...thank you so much.

I will draw the winner Friday and mail the book the first of next week...good luck.......hugs, Linda

Monday, November 17, 2008

~Thanksgiving Hutch~

Good morning everyone, hope you all had a happy weekend. Today, I just want to share a little more Thanksgiving with you. For a closer look you can click on the pictures.. This is the hutch in our living room......... It's been in my dad's family forever and now it's in my home....I just love it. I always display my moonstone on it and tuck holiday pieces in and around the moonstone. There is a cabinet on the bottom I keep my granma's china stored there.
I just love this turkey platter and the bittersweet vine. Please don't look too close at the'll see some huge cracks. A year ago when I unwrapped it, I found it had broken into about six pieces...well, I just couldn't part with it so I glued it together, plus it's all taped up on the back......good as new. Don't ya think....

I have only only of these shakers, but the colors are different and I think it's a good match for these plates.
This turkey head Carl found at WX last month...I love the colors. I think it's from a decanter of some sort...there is a cork stopper in it.
These Pilgrims are new this year. I liked them because they are in pastels and I think they look nice with the moonstone. Well, the laundry is calling me.... a happy day to all...hugs, Linda

Thursday, November 13, 2008

~ November Faire~

Last weekend was the monthly WX Peddlers is just great. There are over 200 vendors who participate and such a variety of items. Even if you are not a collector it's still fun just to walk around and see all the neat things from days gone by. I found this little guy and just think he is so cute. I have been looking and looking for a cute Fall squirrel and I think he fits the bill. I was going to put nuts or wrapped candies in it, but I decided to put..........
Lily's doggie treats in it. How cute is that! I wonder if Mr. Squirrel likes apple and yogurt health bars?

I love these little bottle brush trees with the Micca snow. They are getting harder and harder to come by and if they are a good price I buy them for sure. I mix them with my little Christmas putz houses. My last purchase was........
a pair of hand embroidered pillow slips. I just love them and can you imagine only $2 for the pair.
I love the design...very sweet. Reminds me of Fall flowers, they are freshly laundered and when I change the linens tomorrow on the pillows they will go.....I'm expecting sweet dreams. Have a wonderful day...hugs, Linda

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~ A Simple Pleasure ~

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had a great appointment with my oncologist....all is good, and as I was leaving his office....... Mother Nature blessed with me with these beautiful leaves.....a simple pleasure that just made me happy. Life is good. Enjoy...hugs, Linda

Monday, November 10, 2008


Happy Monday morning! Today is going to be just a beautiful day...cold and crisp, perfect for November. I've finished setting all my little Toms and Hens out. Let me show you the ones on the side-boy......please click on any of the pictures for a better look. Placed in the center of the side-boy is this milk glass plate. I found it last year and just fell in love with it. Can you see the sun filtering through it? It looks so pretty.
I tucked lots of little turkeys in among the Moonstone. These three turkeys are very old. The tiny one in the center is made from lead and the other two are paper mache. Did you notice one is a candle holder?

I have lots of turkey salt and pepper shakers....aren't these just the brightest?
I love this pair....sometimes I use these at Christmas. See the little one behind is yellowish, reminds me of a rainbow. Carl found him and his sister at a garage sale this year. Someone had made them and he knew I'd love them...and I do.
Here is another pair...Carl found these years ago. I just love, them very simple but pretty pink coloring. As you can see I have all sorts of turkeys in my collection, old and new alike but special to me. Lots more are coming later this week....hugs, Linda

Saturday, November 8, 2008

~~November Hello~~

Hello everyone. Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since we last visited...I don't know where the time goes. I wish I could tell you I was on a marvelous trip, but I've just been busy...I think that how most everyone is feeling this time of year. This past week is just kind of a blur....flu shot, voting, Gypsy Traders meeting (an antique club), stitching night, lab tests, lunch with a H.S friend and something else but not sure what. I did get all the Halloween goodies away and now I'm moving on to Thanksgiving. Does anyone else decorate for Thanksgiving? I know it is such a short time until we all get busy with Christmas but I love this time of year too.
I have a small turkey collection and I've been unpacking them.

These turkeys are very old and some of my favorites. I love unwrapping them after being packed away for a whole year. They are all so sweet. I oooh and awww over each one trying to settle on a favorite but I just love them all.

I have some very old ones and newer ones too. As I unpack them I just can imagine these little fellas saying it's our turn ...yippee. I'm nearly finished setting them out and will share pictures later this week.
See you soon, hugs, Linda