Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ Birthday News ~

I had such a happy birthday...thank you for all the happy wishes and sweet comments which made the day all the more special. Last night for my birthday dinner we went to a favorite little.... Mexican restaurant ....La Mission and had the most delicious dinner. We each had something different, I had my favorite, cheese enchiladas...they were so yummy. The sauce is especially delish, then home for birthday pie. Today was so fun too...

I met friends from my high school days for lunch at the 33rd Street Bistro, I tell you more delicious food. I call our group the "J" girls, we graduated from Johnson HS and get together once a month for lunch. Jeannie is front left, then Janice, who just got back from Hawaii...lucky girl, me , and then Susan. These are such nice ladies, I treasure their friendship and I'm so happy that we have renewed our friendships. Today we caught up with each others news, saw pretty pictures of Hawaii and I received pressies too, which I want to share soon.

Well, time for another little piece of pie and a little TV, oh, we had to postpone stitching tonight but we are to start our new stitch and we have homework too.

Night, night...hugs, Linda.....or rather "Route 66"....Carl's new nickname for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Today Is My Birthday ~

Woo Hoo! Today is my 66Th birthday...yikes, I can't believe
how quickly time passes. In my heart and mind I feel like I'm still in my twenties. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter, family and friends and look forward to the coming year. Tonight we're going to a favorite restaurant for my all time favorite food...Mexican, yummy! I can't wait.....see you tomorrow. Hugs, Linda

Friday, July 24, 2009

~ Salad Bar and Eggplant ~

Yesterday I went to our weekly farmers market and bought the most wonderful veggies. Tomatoes, three varieties of squash, an eggplant, onions and bell peppers. Tonight we enjoyed part of the bounty....we had a salad bar, I also prepared the was delish, well we love it and it's simple...
The eggplant is on the green plate to the left of the bacon pieces. The way I prepare it is you peel the eggplant, slice it fairly thin, dip it in egg, then crushed crackers and then saute it in melted butter.....yummy. Have you ever had eggplant? Well, did you like it:)?
Have a happy evening, I'm off to watch a little TV and stitch...hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ We Stitch Tonight ~

It's Wednesday and that means it's our stitching night. Tonight we planned to start "The Sampler Lady" but we've had a change of heart. Our thoughts are already turning to the holidays and we all wanted to do a Halloween stitch, so instead we are doing....." Kindred Spirits " by Primitive Needle...a sampler with a sweet sentiment. This project calls for Belle Soire silks...this is the first time any of us have used silk floss and they are lush. We had to order the floss and have just received a partial order so until we get the rest of the order our plan is to stitch on Quaker Christmas or a WIP....I think I will.... stitch on "Long May She Wave"'s coming alive and I just can't hardly wait until it's finished, actually I probably would be finished if...
I wasn't so caught up in these wonderful books. I finished The Cross Country Quilter's , which by the way, I wish the story had continued and have started The Runaway Quilt...this is going to be another good has to do with the Underground Railroad during the 1800's.. Did you know the log cabin quilt (my favorite quilt ever) with a center black square hung on a clothesline or porch was a sign of sanctuary for escaping slaves. I always thought it was a yellow square but not according to this story, anyway there is lots of intrigue in this story and history too. Well, I've got to get busy...hope you are having a happy day....hugs, Linda

Thursday, July 16, 2009

~ Kitchen Swag ~

Good morning everyone...I wanted to show you this little kitchen swag I made yesterday. These swags are so fun to make......I have a gazillion green handle utensils and thought this would be a fun way to display them, I like the way this turned out so today I'm going to work on one for the kitchen window. I first saw these cute swags on Sharon's blog and I was hooked. She has made several and I've made an Easter and a Valentine one. They are simple,'s what you do.....
Select the fabric for the theme you want to create. I try to buy remnants. Cut strips 1 inch wide, 7 inches long...cut a lot because this needs a bunch. There are no rules, you can make your swag as long and as fluffy as you want. Now you are.....
ready to tie your strips on to a jute base. Just tie the strips on randomly, when your swag is as full as you want, add your embellishments......and there you go. Have a great day. hugs, Linda

Monday, July 13, 2009

~ Weekend Happenings ~

Hi everyone. Another weekend has come and gone...does anyone else feel like things are just moving too fast? I know I do. Hope you had a happy weekend, ours was busy and fun at the same time. Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend from our old neighborhood. Mind you we moved into this house in 1977 and hadn't seen some of these people for over 30 seemed like old times, we had more fun catching up and vowed to keep in contact. Sunday was the WX Peddlers Faire...... We arrived early and had a great time poking around....there were several new vendors and lots to see. I found a couple treasures and two of my favorites are this sweet little Storybook doll..I collected these when I was little and thought she would look perfect on my bed side table. I also found this neat little round celluloid frame and I've already put a favorite picture of Lisa and me in it.

This past weekend I finished a good book, well, I thought it was good...

I really liked Alice's Tulips. This story takes place during the Civil War and tells the story of the young and older women left behind when their men went to war. Oh, the hardships they endured.....I laughed and cried with them and felt as if I knew these interesting and brave ladies...for me it was a very good read. This .......

is my next read, it's the fourth book in this series and I'm anxious to find out what's happening with the Elm Street quilters. What are you reading...I'd love to know....hugs, Linda

p.s. Whoops, I just realized I'm reading The Cross-Country Quilters...sorry for my mistake...L

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~~ Stitching News ~~

Last night was our stitching get together and I'm happy to say Yule Sampler is finished. I'm really pleased with it, but for some reason it just seemed like it took forever to finish. Now off to the framers..I'm hoping I can find a dark, dark green for my frame...just not sure. Any suggestions? Our next stitch is "The Sampler Lady" by LHN......
I love this. She is a sweet little miss and her outfit is so cute. We had to order some of the floss and while we were waiting.....we
stitched on Quaker Christmas, as you can tell I didn't work on mine very much...
I was stitching on my Patriotic Sampler...when I started I had hoped to have it finished for this 4Th of July, but didn't come close to finishing will be ready for sure next year. I'm using an over dyed floss by Crescent Colours called Wavy Navy...I really like the effect. I don't know if you can see the subtle shading but in person it is really looks pretty.

Speaking of 4Th of July, thank you for all the happy wishes and sweet comments....hugs, Linda

Friday, July 3, 2009

~ Happy Fourth of July ~

Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend....hugs, Linda