Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~~My Happy Birth Day~~

Good evening everyone. I had such a nice birthday...thank you and a big hug to each and everyone for all the sweet wishes and comments. You all are the nicest and I think of you as friends. For my birthday dinner we went to the Freeport is one of my favorite places along the river.The food is so delicious, we all had fish dinners and enjoyed our choices. Carl and I had cod, Lisa had salmon with a wonderful dill sauce, so yummy. After dinner we headed home for turtle pie and ice cream good. There is still a little cake and pie left so hurry over and we'll finish it up.
Look at my new camera. My two favorite people surprised me with this little beauty and I love it. I can hardly wait to use it...I've taken some practice pictures but there are lots of features that are new to me, I think I have some studying to do. One of the instruction books has just 33 pages and the other 134....can you imagine.

Oh, one more fun thing. In my card from Carl there were two red, white and blue lottery tickets. Well, the first one I won $100, I know, I could hardly believe it and the second ticket I won $6, wahooo!! I see some serious shopping in my future. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip, maybe I'll find a treasure or two. You, have a great day soon.....

Hugs and warm regards....Linda

Monday, July 28, 2008

~~Today Is My Birthday~~

Good morning everyone. Let's is my ....... Birthday and it is a big one!!! Some call it the * Red, White and Blue Birthday*......
I'm turning 65 today! Time is just flying by and birthday's are coming faster and faster. I've been very blessed to have always had a wonderful life, a loving family and great friends and for this I'm truly thankful.

Do you see the birthday postcards??? You can click on any of the pictures for a better look see.
I always set these out when we have a birthday celebration.....the rose one is my favorite.......
Look at the date it was's my birthday, no silly, not the year:). I always look at the postcards at streets fairs (just ask Carl)...I've looked at hundreds of post cards...and to find one with my birthday on it is pretty amazing.

Tonight we are going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and then home for turtle pie and presents.... I actually started celebrating Saturday night, my dear friends Mr. and Mrs. I'm A Little Teapot took us to a wonderful Mexican restaurant for a delicious birthday dinner.....yummy. We ate like little piggies but still had room for ice cream. Remember I told you this was a big number birthday.......look at this stitchie and scissors from Michelle...too funny, I love it!!!! They also showered me with some beautiful Brighton bling. Wow, just too much.....a happy evening with good friends.

I'm looking forward to tonights celebration and whatever lies ahead. Have a wonderful day....hugs, from"The Birthday Girl"......Linda

p.s Did you notice the post time? I used the pre-posting option...this is the actual time I was born...I thought it would be fun to post on my birth time.....Me:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

~Flowers From The Market~

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was our farmers market...not only do they have the best produce but wonderful flowers too......look at these gorgeous Zinnias. I love Zinnias! They have such bold bright colors and for me they just say summer. I was trying to decide which color is my favorite...kinda hard to choose, since I think they are all so pretty...but I have to say the orange ones for me. Do you have a favorite???
Here they are sitting on my kitchen table......pretty, pretty. Have a happy weekend. Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~An Award and Stitchie Update~

This past weekend I received this lovely award from NANCY....thank you so much for thinking of me. It makes me happy to know others enjoy my blog as much as I love blogging. Stop by and say hi to Nancy, she is so should see the fabulous piece she is stitching now. It is awesome. Now I love passing this on, but first the rules....
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Mama Bear~~~Bears In Exile
Karoline~~~Cherished Vintage
Betty~~~~She' So Pretty
Diane~~~Crafty Passions

~~Stitchie Update~~

Monday was our stitchie night....we are starting on the moon and I'm loving the color of the thread we are using.....Amber, by Weeks Dye, it is so pretty. Lisa gave us

each a pot of Thread Heaven....neat stuff... one nice thing about it, it helps prevent tangling and fraying of your thread. Is anyone else using it? What do you think?

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Linda

Oh, just one more thing, loved Mamma Mia......I'm getting the soundtrack and when it comes out on's going on my wish list. Toodles

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~~Saturday Chatter~~

Oh my goodness, it's so early to be up on a Saturday morning, but I am . I'm enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in my new favorite mug and reading the best book. Do you see my new mug? It's all the way from the beautiful sunflowers. My friend Michelle was visiting her parents and this is one of the treats she brought me. I love it. I mentioned I was reading a great book, well I don't know if this is ESP, just a coincident or what.......but the book I'm reading is set in...... Kansas! Is that cool or what? Maybe it's just me but I think it's kinda of quirky. The Persian Pickle Club is such a good book. Like I said, it's set in Kansas during Depression times. It's a story of friendships that bind
women together through good times and bad times. I'm nearly finished with this book...and I really don't want it to end. I feel like I know these women and want their story to continue. Have you ever felt that way about a book?
I just took a quick break to feed a little stray kitty cat and my hummers were just zooming all over the yard....I dashed in the house for my camera and look at this little fellow I captured sitting on the phone line. If you click on the picture you can really see him. I think it is funny they just love to sit on the line...maybe they are calling a friend.

I know this is kind of a chatty post...maybe it's the caffeine..but I'm nearly finished.

Earlier this week I received this special award from Joy at Books and Life. Joy, thank you for this sweet surprise...if you've never visited Joy's lovely blog drop by and say hi.

Now I would like to pass this award on.... but first the rules

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It is really hard to choose just seven people I think all of you are most deserving...but I'm sticking to the are the 7 people I'm sending this award on to......

Patty @ Attic Clutter
Michelle@ Back through Time
Robin @ Bittersweet Punkin
Jackie@ In The Land Of The Living Skies
Lib @ Lib's Private Paradise
Priscilla @ Priscilla's Cottage
Sharon @ Rose Of Sharon's not even 7 yet...I think this might be a long day. What do you have planned? I'm going to the movies...Lisa and I are going to see "Mamma Mia" got wonderful reviews and I love the music. What ever you do I hope it brings you joy......have a wonderful weekend.....Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~~This Past Weekend~~

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Gee, I have really fallen behind with my visits and before this week is totally gone let me tell you about my weekend. Both days were busy and great fun too. On Saturday, Lisa and I took a short day trip to Modesto to the Elegant Stitch. I've talked about it before...well any way it is the neatest stitchie shop and on Saturday they were having a sidewalk sale. What fun! We both found goodies. I found some tuck pillows and charts for future projects and something I just love, love, love..... A scissor beanie! Now while I'm stitching, I'll rest this little cutie on the arm of my chair and my scissors will stay cool is that? Here are some of the charts I got for my stash. The Zippity Do Da chart might be our next stitch along, but first we need to finish our current project. On Sunday....
was the WX Peddlers Faire. We were there and shopping at 6am. I found some sweet little things and this little girl is one of them. I love her...she has the prettiest face and her dress is just so festive, I think she is going to a Christmas dance. I also found these precious.......

little Goebel chicks for my Spring decorations. I found a couple of other cute things I'll be sharing later.

After shopping we headed for breakfast, at a new (it's old, been there for over 50 years) spot...The Market Club diner. Not a fancy place...but it has the best food. The chicken fried steak breakfast is to live for it is the best.

Well on that note I think I'll fix lunch....I've made myself hungry...Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~~ Sun Tea Time ~~

Oh my goodness it's hot! Yesterday it was 107 and today 109 is predicted. Now that is hot, hot, hot......mighty toasty. Tracie @ My Petite Maison enjoys a refreshing Perrier with lime, to keep cool, doesn't that sounds delish, but for me my go to beverage is Sun Tea. I love it and it is easy to make and energy friendly. Have you made it before? Here is how I do my tea. Today I'm using trusty Lipton tea, but flavored teas are nice too. Fill a large jar or pitcher with cold water. Add 5 or 6 tea bags depending on the container size.....this is a 2qt. mason jar and I used 5 tea bags. Cover jar opening.
Set the container in the sun and let the sun go to work.
I just keep as eye on my container and when I think the tea looks strong enough, I call it done.
Most of the time I'll make a huge pitcher of tea, adding water and ice but today I just ....
filled glasses with ice and added the tea...oh, so good. If you like add sugar and a slice of lemon. I'll be making more tea tomorrow, if you are out my way stop by, cool off and have a glass of Sun Tea with me.

Carl reads my blog and lots of yours too. I surprised him when I did his birthday post.... he really liked it and I know he enjoyed your comments. He sends a thank you to each of you and so do I. And yes, I would love to have that sweet little wagon he's riding in. See you all later... hugs, Linda

Monday, July 7, 2008

~~ Happy Birthday ~~

Hey, cutie pie what are you smiling about??? I is your special's your Birthday.
You sure are looking good in your new cap, from your sister, Carolyn, and it's red too.... your favorite color.......I like.
Happy Birthday honey, Happy Birthday Papa....we love you.
We have plans for a fun, sorry we are not going to your favorite place on earth...but you are going to have fun...I hope you feel lucky. I know you are just itchin to use......
some of the goodies your brother sent you ( to see better click on the picture). These boys have loved fishing ever since they were little guys. Didn't they have a great catch? Look at my honey....he has a little hole in his shirt...too cute. The picture on the right is from a fishing trip a few years ago. They had a great time, caught lots of fish and ate like kings. They kinda of roughed it by not shaving for a week....thank heavens our little trailer had a shower. All I can say I think they clean up pretty good.

Well were heading out for Birthday fun........cake and ice cream are all invited. Hugs, Linda

Thursday, July 3, 2008

* * Happy Fourth Of July * *

Happy Fourth Of July everyone! Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with good times, family, friends and yummy foods. Hugs, Linda