Thursday, May 29, 2008

~~Tweet Birdies~~

Let's all sing like the birdies sing "tweet, tweet~~ tweet, tweet, tweet". Do you remember that cute song? I've always loved birds...they are such amazing little creatures, wouldn't it be fun to be able to fly and soar through the air? And what is all that chirping about, do you ever wonder what they are saying? I have a little bird collection, I don't even remember how it started, but let me show you just a few pieces.......... This sweet little fellow was from Carl this Mother's Day. He found it at the WX Peddlers Fair......I love it honey......
Everyone should have a bluebird of happiness or two. Do you see the little moonstone sugar bowl with the candle? I just received it from Michelle at Back Through Time and I adore it. Michelle participates in Flea Market Friday and has great "bargain beauties". Visit Polly for a list of every one participating in FMF.....there is lots of great shopping to be had.....Oops, I got sidetracked, back to the birdies.
Isn't she pretty. Do you think she singing or is she saying "let me out?" I hope she's singing.......and look at this pretty little one......
I think this might be a Peach Faced Lovebird. The rose is Tropicana, perfect for this little exotic girl. I found this bird vase when Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams had her Bloggy sale......she has lots of neat things.

Until we chitter, chatter again, have a tweet day...hugs, Linda

p.s.~~~click on Michelle, Polly or Becky's name and you'll go right to their blog. Ta Ta.....L.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~The Birthday Girl~

I just love this picture! I think it is the cutest. This sweet little girl with her big brothers is having a birthday today........There will be cake and ice cream and lots of good wishes too, for the.... "Birthday Girl" who is all grown up. This is my lovely sister in law Carolyn...with her all grown up brothers. Isn't she the prettiest and she's just as pretty on the inside too. Doesn't she look like Reba McIntyre???
Whoops, sorry guys...I didn't mean to give you headaches...
Carolyn, you are very special, we love you and we are wishing you all the joys of a wonderful birthday, health and happiness in all your days to come.
Have a great day....and I say eat cake all day.....Love from all, Linda xoxo

Friday, May 23, 2008


This week I received some lovely treasures. Victoria at Vintage Tea was having a tag give away and look at this darling tag I won. Thank you , Victoria...I just love it! Victoria is a very talented artisan...if you've never visited her sweet blog, pop over for a visit and say hello.
I recently participated in my first pay it forward and look at the treats Michelle at I'm A Little Teapot sent me. My package was wrapped and tied with the cutest green ribbon (one of my most favorite colors) and the M&M's were tucked under the ribbon. Too cute. Look what what I received...
Green garden gloves which I sure needed ( does she have ESP or what), the cutest watermelon did she know I collect watermelon, green polka dot ribbon, candy and the most wonderful.........
hand stitched book marker... it's magnetic, how cool is that. To get a closer look click on the picture. This is a true gift form the heart and I love it. When I joined her PIF she had several words and asked me to choose one I especially liked. Well, they were all very special words, I liked them all and I chose Faith and I'm so glad I did. It is very personal.....but with Faith all things are possible.
I haven't decided which book I'll be using my marker Bible, my inspiration reads, or my gratitude journal.........but wherever, I will always love it and think of my wonderful friend.

To each and everyone one of my sweet friends, happy days to you. Hugs, Linda xoxo
p.s. I would love to get another Pay It Forward started. This is how it works--I will send a handmade gift to the first three people to leave a comment on my blog requesting to join the PIF. I don't know what the gift will be and you may not receive it next week, but I promise you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is to make the same promise on your blog. If anyone is interested the first three to join in with their promise to PIF will receive a handmade gift from me. I hope this makes sense~~~ Linda

Monday, May 19, 2008

?? Which One ~ Which One ??

Do you enjoy reading? I love to read and for Mother's Day I received two books I've been wanting to read. Twenty Wishes, the next book in the Blossom Street series and The Quickie. I love the Blossom Street books and Carolyn (my SIL)had read the James Patterson book and said it was so good she couldn't put it down. Now here is my dilemma..... Friday, I was ready to start a new book.....but which one. Which one, which one? So the only logical thing to do was have a drawing.......
Both titles into the basket........choose one. Looks like I'll be reading...
James Patterson's , The Quickie. Well I must tell you as I said, I was ready for a new read on Friday and I've already finished this book. Yes indeede. It was an easy read and I liked I'm on to Twenty Wishes, actually I've read a few pages and I'm already loving the characters.

What are you reading? If you are looking for a good book let me suggest this series....The Shop On Blossom Street is the first book....I don't think you will be disappointed.

Must go now.....tonight is our stitch a long and I'm itchin to stitch. Good news, we all finished our homework. Until we chat again, treat yourself like you would your best friend...Hugs, Linda

Friday, May 16, 2008

~~A Gentle Hint~~

Look what I found on my kitchen counter this morning. An empty cookie jar...I guess this is a gentle hint my honey would like some sweets.Okaaaay, I think I'll make Peanut Butter Bliss Cookies...they are delish. This is BJ's recipe and it's so simple...three ingredients, that's right just three.
Here is the recipe: ~~1 cup peanut butter...~~1 cup sugar...~~1 egg~~,while you are gathering your ingredients preheat oven 400 degrees.

Wisk the egg, add the peanut butter and sugar and mix to combine. You don't even need your mixer...I just use a wooden spoon. Drop by rounded teaspoon onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Press with a fork dipped in sugar to make crisscross. Carl likes his cookies larger so I use a little more than a teaspoon. Bake 9 to 10 minutes.....this recipe may be doubled too.
Here you go honey.....xoxo,enjoy. These are so yummy I hope you give them a try. Have a sweet weekend. Hugs, Linda

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~~A Stitch A Long~~

We are having a stitch a long Lisa, Michelle and me! Last night was our first get together and we had fun.......giggles and some grrrs too. We plan to meet every Monday, have a light supper and then stitch for a couple of hours.... Here is the project we are doing, Moonlit Garden a Blackbird Design, the yummy threads and my fabric. The colors are so pretty. Do you like? We love it and are hoping to have it finished for Halloween. After stitching last night, to make sure we finish by Halloween we'll be having homework.

Thank you for all the comments on the flowers. Most everyone thinks it's Verbena or Phlox.....just to make sure which, sometime this week I'm taking a piece to the nursery and have them solve the mystery. I'll let you know the final answer.

Lisa and I had a lovely time at the Mother's Day Tea on Saturday...I've but a picture on the sidebar.......look at all the goodies.

Well, I must do my homework...have a lovely week. Hugs, Linda

Thursday, May 8, 2008

~~Love This Plant~~

I love this's been around for years. Both my granma and mom had one in their yard....maybe that's partly why I like it so much.I bought a small slip in a coffee can from the same little old man that I bought my patch of violets from...he told me it's name but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called. Do you know??
This morning I picked a bouquet of these pretty, pretty, pink flowers for my kitchen...I put them in a mason jar and put it on the sink. It's one of the first things I see as I come into the kitchen and they just add such a bright them.


I 'm really looking forward to this weekend......Sunday is Mother's Day but I'm celebrating both days. Saturday , Lisa is taking me to a Mother's Tea at the sweetest tea shop ever ...Treasured Teatime. This is a lovely shop with the most delish sweets and savories.....if you are ever in the area stop by and enjoy. I know you won't be disappointed. Sunday is the WX Peddlers Faire, this is always fun and a bonus treat being on Mother's Day. For dinner we are having bar-b-que with all my favorites......I think a pretty nice two days. What are your weekend plans? Whatever you do enjoy and have a Happy Mothers Day. Hugs, Linda xoxo

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lodi Street Faire

Good morning everyone, and a happy Tuesday to all. This past weekend we went to a wonderful street faire in Lodi, which is just under an hour drive from us. It was perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. Lot's and lot's of vendors... We like to go early, this is like about 7ish.... and already busy, believe me by noon it is so crowded.
So many pretty, pretties....Carl calls these "girly things", but there were ....
boy things too. Thank heavens he passed on these, actually they were for sale last year in the same spot. For some reason he was kind of tempted...I have no idea why...must be a guy thing. But he did find a really neat chess set and a nice old paint scrapper... plus a couple of treasures for me for Mother's Day....he was happy.
I found two darling silhouettes and a few other little things, but my best buy was......
these moonstone pieces all for $10. I almost passed on them because I'm running out of room. I hemmed and hawed and finally decided I'd be crazy not to get them. I'm so happy I did...and I did find a perfect little spot for them.

Thank you for all the helpful comments and suggestions regarding my orchids. I'll keep you posted on them and I hope it is always good news.
Until we chat again, happy days to you........a big hug to all, Linda

Friday, May 2, 2008

~~ Orchids ~~

Look at the sweet orchids from Lisa, it's her birthday and she's buying me treats, too nice. Ooops I got sidetracked, anyway last weekend on her birthday get-awake she visited a beautiful nursery specializing in exotic plants....mainly orchids. There were so many to choose from,and she chose these three for me. The fellow helping her said they were easy to grow and I didn't even need a greenhouse. He explained about watering, indirect light, air circulation, feeding and even included a pamphlet for me to read...which I did...Sounds very straight forward...but I think I need help. Do any of you have orchids....any hints? I just finished watering these little pretties. This one is white with a purple center and it has lots of buds, very sweet......
I love this one. This one is yellow with purple in the center, with several buds too. Not to play favorites...I have to say I love them all. Can't have hurt feeling.....they are listening.
This plant has a very pretty white flower and the center is yellow with a hint of brown. Heavens, I don't even know the name for the different parts of the plant or flower. I think I'd better do some research. Please, please share with me any hints or suggestions on the care of these little treasures.

Have a nice weekend, talk soon. Hugs, Linda

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

Wishing everyone a very Happy May Day. I'm sending.... each of you a sunny day and bunches of flowers. Hugs Linda