Monday, June 29, 2009

~ Ready For July 4Th ~

Did your weekend fly by? Mine sure did and it was a hot, hot, hot one. Last I heard Sunday was 108 and Saturday was a bit cooler 105. I did run a few errands but mostly I stayed in to read, stitch and decorate for the 4Th of July, which is a favorite of mine. This cute little flag wagon...I found last year at Goodiewill and I thought it would be perfect for my little patriotic bears....On the sidecar....

I just added touches of red and blue mixed in with my Moonstone. I thought this was...

just a fun picture. While trying to take a picture of the sidecar I captured this image of the sidecar in the mirror of a little hanging wall cabinet.....for some reason I really liked it.

Our living room hutch with just a little flag, and I just love this....
little drum Carl found at the Galt Wednesday market...It's just setting in a bowl with a little flag that was my Dad's. Is anyone else decorating for this holiday? Only a few more day until we celebrate......hugs, Linda

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~ Last Night ~

We went to the Community Center and saw the award winning musical.......
The Lion King. It was wonderful! The costuming and pageantry is amazing and the music is just awesome. If you ever get the chance to see this play I hope you won't be disappointed....hugs, Linda

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ A Lovely Tomato and Sweet Award ~

Look at this lovely tomato....I took this picture yesterday while watering my plants, it's just gorgeous and what's more there are several more just as nice..... I can hardly wait until they are ripe and ready to pick. Yum!
Thank you Joy, at Books and Life for this sweet made my day. If you've never visited Joy's blog won't be disappointed.
I'd like to pass this award on to Mama Bear, Pea and Denise. Enjoy, and now it's your turn to pass it on......hugs, Linda

Monday, June 22, 2009

~ Happy Monday ~

Well the weekend has come and gone...I hope everyone had a nice Father's Day....Carl did. He enjoyed all the sports on TV and just relaxed. For dinner he had some of his favorites. Bar-b-Que steak, macaroni salad and a cold egg and pea salad..... I don't know that this was a well balanced meal...but he loved it. The egg and pea salad is a favorite of his forever and it's so simple...1 can petite peas (drained), 4 hard boiled eggs chopped up , 3 chopped green onions and a bit of mayonnaise, mix together. Serve on a lettuce leaf and top with a touch of paprika...Carl likes pepper too...yum.

Well I'm off to hang laundry and do a little hand watering...happy Monday...hugs, Linda

Sunday, June 21, 2009

~ Happy Father's Day ~

~ Happy Father's Day ~to my Pops.....Love Lisa

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~ Stitching News ~

Last night was our SAL (stitch a long) and the first evening to work on A Quaker Christmas. This is such a wonderful piece and we are all excited to be beginning it. Due to unforeseen circumstances we actually weren't able to get together last night so we all started on our own....
Everyone started in a different spot and we are all working at our own I mentioned before, the third Wednesday of the month, as a group, we'll stitch AQC and then spend three hours each week stitching on it. We still plan to work on a separate project too. We are nearly.....
finished stitching Yule Christmas, just two more lines and then on to another project. As of now we have no idea what to do next.
Well I'm off to fix lunch and do a bit of visiting and then some stitching. Hugs and a happy day to you....Linda

Monday, June 15, 2009

~ It's Monday~ Yesterday was WX Peddlers Faire~

It's Monday and it's going to be a beautiful sunny day. The weekend was busy and fun too, but it's good to be back to my regular routine. For me, today is laundry day, and with the nice weather I love to hang everything outside. Yesterday, was the second Sunday of the month and that means it's time for the WX Peddlers Faire and let me tell you we were there bright and early.....6 a.m.......I found a few little treasures, but I'm really trying not to go over board...especially since I just had a garage sale to get rid of some stuff. I did find these two sweet restaurant creamers for my collection and

another little nut grinder...the little red metal cap pulls off when you are grinding up the nuts.......I really like....
the old powder jars and what is neat about this one, the music still plays....this might be the last of these I buy....yup, running out of places to display them. I adore old linens and look at these pretty pillow slips... someone spent a lot of time stitching these. I
love the delicate flowers and just a bit of crocheting, pretty, pretty. These are in the wash right now and will be going on our bed today.....speaking of my wash, I think it's time to hang the next load up...have a great day, hope it sunny your way...hugs, Linda

Saturday, June 13, 2009

~ Trinkets~Treasures~and Trash ~

Oh, today has been busy and I'm ready to just sit back and relax. Bright and early this morning we set up for a little garage sale. There were........ trinkets, treasures and some what I would call trash-(junk)....but at one time I loved it all. Some little chippy roosters.....
Isn't this a sweet little English figurine? It would make a nice treat for someone special...
Some hand bags and lots of little coin purses. People are so little lady wanted to buy a purse and her hubby told her you have enough and the only way you are going to buy one is if you find a $10 bill inside.......then along came a nice lady who was so excited to find the Dooney and Burke bag she had the matching wallet.
Christmas pretties and I'm so glad the Rockwell plate has found it's way to a happy home. We even had......
boy treasures. Carl sold 6 fishing poles, several rod cases and I think a reel. All in all it was fun...but lots of work and I'm really glad it's over. Hugs, Linda

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~ Anticipation ~

Good morning to you. I've been watering and pulling a few weeds and I just had to show you all the....... little flowers on one of my tomato plants. I can hardly wait for my own tomatoes....they just taste so much better than store bought. The first thing I'm going to make is a tomato sandwich....fresh white bread, light mayo and sliced tomato....yummy. If you've never had a tomato sandwich you really must try won't be disappointed...hugs, Linda

Saturday, June 6, 2009

~ Breakfast At The Airport ~

Yesterday we had breakfast at the executive airport which is fairly close to where we live. Breakfast was so good....
look at these beautiful golden brown pancakes, they were light and fluffy and cooked just perfectly.
This is a busy little airport and as we enjoyed breakfast we watched planes coming and......
going. After breakfast we headed to the houseboat and just had a lazy day there. Carl fished a little, not even one little nibble and I read a little. The day was just gorgeous and so relaxing. No special plans for the weekend...I'm going to stitch and......
I just started Miss Potter which I'm thoroughly enjoying. How about you? What are you up to? Have a happy weekend...hugs, Linda

Monday, June 1, 2009

~Garage Sale and Bookstore Finds ~

Morning to everyone. Saturday, Lisa and I were heading to the bookstore and then to lunch when we ran onto a couple of garage sales. At first we weren't going to stop but then we decided to, because you just never know what you might find......and look at this cool tray I found...I love it! The lady.... I bought it from told me it was rather old and for 25cents I couldn't pass it up. We enjoy dinning on the patio and it will be great for carrying everything in and out. She also had these wonderful little recipe books.
They are from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90' favorite one is the cookie recipe book on has some old timey recipes I have never heard of. Sugar Bells, Fig Chewies and Butter Riches. I have no idea if I will bake them but they sounded yummy.

At the bookstore I found some great books for my reading stash. The Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini is wonderful. Even if you are not a quilter, you find yourself caught up in the lives of these ladies who love to stitch. I was so excited when Lisa found this sweet book.....
I love Beatrix Potter anything. Did you see the movie? I thought it was wonderful...I think it's a must see and a perfect addition to your film library.

Oh, before I say goodbye I should explain the happy birthday wish was to my sweet SIL, Carolyn (in Texas)....thank you for your hellos and wishes to her. I wanted to show you the little initial I stitched as part of her gift....she has it now so I not giving away the surprise.

I'm making several more and Carolyn is going to stitch some for gifts for the girls she works with. These are fun to do and look sweet tucked just about any place. Well, happy days to you....see you soon...hugs, Linda