Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~Seeing Is Believing~

Good morning everyone. Are you ready for a great day? I am, but I wanted to take a moment and share one of the most unusual things I've ever seen. I was fixing a huge weekend breakfast and slicing the plumpest and sweetest strawberries ever, when look what I found........ Twins! I guess you could say Siamese twins. I think this is too cool. Have you ever seen anything like this before?? Well anyway, needless to say it was the topic of conversation during breakfast......
Mmmm, this looks good.....but where are your strawberries honey......
Now this is looking better...and I see a little bowl of strawberries.....
Now this is the best!!! Can you guess who's this is? French toast and strawberries, with a touch of whip cream.....too yummy. Hey, the whip cream is fat free.

This coming Saturday I'll be fixing another weekend breakfast....come on by, I'd love to see you. Hugs, Linda

Oops, before I leave I must tell you Lisa had a most happy birthday and thank you all for the sweet comments.......

And, I just wanted to let you know sweet BJ is having a "Just Because" give-away this Thursday, be sure to drop by for a visit and sign up too. Okay, TAFN, Me

Monday, April 28, 2008

~~Happy Birthday~~

This little girl is celebrating her 44th birthday today. I love this picture.....we had just come from a walk around the block and we were in front of our first little house just enjoying a sunny day in February and playing peek-a-boo......I would say peek-a-boo, she would turn and hide her face then turn around and just giggle like crazy. Look at all her teeth...she had 12 by her first birthday........... Lisa calls that her funky hat.......it was my first attempted at knitting...I say not too bad......
I took this picture yesterday.......Lisa had a birthday weekend at the coast. Wonderful time, beautiful weather, great food and just an all round great time...sun burned and a little tired but a happy weekend.

Tonight we are celebrating at her favorite Mexican restaurant, cupcakes and presents too.

Happy Birthday Honey!! We love you more than all the stars in the sky and the fish in the ocean........Love, Mommie and Dad xoxox

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Good morning everyone....it so pretty out. I just came in from watering and picking a few roses and started to put the roses in one of my favorite vases, when I spotted this in the cabinet. Do you know what it is? It's the base to an old oil lamp....I'm going to repurpose it. Repurpose, I just love that word. Repurpose~to use or convert for use in another format or product~. I'm using the lamp base in another format....a vase.....
I think this looks pretty neat.....the roses are my favorite...Secret. Did you notice the little reminder note in the first picture? Nothing to do with repurposing but a neat idea from Sharon@ Rose of Sharon. Rather then a small sticky note for reminders she uses cute little papers. I made one for candles. When I light candles I put this little note on the dinning room table, when I'm not burning candles I keep it on my refrig.....this is a good idea.
I love repurposing and always thought this was a new idea...but it's not. My little bedside lamp was in my dad's family and I have had it for over 30 years and it's repurposed. The glass is from an old ceiling fixture. My dad painted the inside, you can even see where the paint is wearing away and then he wired it for a lamp.....
Before it was mine my parents used it for a small table lamp...but I love it in my bedroom.
Here is another repurposing idea. You know I like to use old flower frogs to hold pictures and cards, but I like using old brushes too. I collect celluloid and these brushes are in my bedroom...I thought they needed something so I stuck some pictures in them....I think this is better.

What have you repurposed? Look at things with a new eye and see what you come up with.......have fun. Hugs, Linda

Monday, April 21, 2008

~Today Is Our Anniversary~

Good morning everyone! Today is beautiful and an extra wonderful day for us. Today we are celebrating our46th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe we have been married 46 years....it really does seems just like our wedding was yesterday, I know people always say time flies and it really does.
This is one of our wedding pictures and the smaller picture was taken on our honeymoon in San Francisco. Do you see the little pink egg? Well, in 1962 we were married on the Saturday before Easter and I found this beautiful egg in a small shop in the Fairmont Hotel. It is so delicate and very fragile and I handle it very tenderly. It holds so many wonderful memories and it is a true treasure.
I've always loved this little picture...a friend snapped it at our reception and I always have it setting out.....the cake topper I just set out during our anniversary month. Thank you for traveling down memory lane with me.......we've had wonderful yesterdays, are enjoying our today's and looking forward to all our tomorrows.

~~~Honey, Happy Anniversary~~~I love you MTYLTT~~~ Hugs and Kisses, Linda

Friday, April 18, 2008

~~Birthday Girl~~

Happy Birthday Lily! Here's our sweet Lily, tomorrow she will be six years old. Lily is a rescue dog we adopted two years ago........she is a faithful companion and has brought much joy to our family, we love her dearly. Tomorrow is her day...a walk in the park, her yummy birthday dinner, a new necklace and toys. Love you Lily...mommie, papa, Lisa.....KeKe, Tessie and Bunnie too.....Have a wonderful weekend everyone....Hugs' Linda

~~The greatest love is a mother's; then a dog's; then a sweetheart's.~~~~ Polish Proverb

Monday, April 14, 2008

~~~~Weekend Happenings~~~~

It's Monday and another beautiful day is on the way. My weekend was fun and just flew by, I hope yours was fun too. Saturday was so great....Lisa and I had our adventure. We took a road trip and headed to one of our favorite places, The Elegant Stitch, in Modesto. This is the most wonderful stitchie store and the owner Lois is the nicest lady. Very helpful and can answer any question you might have, in fact all the ladies that work there are just great. Well, back to the trip.....we headed to Modesto and stopped along the way at Denny's for breakfast, it was so yummy and I'm not a breakfast person...but mine was delish and so was Lisa's. After breakfast we continued on to Modesto and wouldn't you know it we missed the exit we needed, (that's why I call our trips adventures, you never know what's going to happen) well anyway about 5 miles down the road we realized our mistake and got turned around and made it to the shop...which by the way is in a new location and just fabulous. The shop is huge and just filled with wonderful stitching things. We were there for over 3 hours just oooing and awwing over everything. Then it was decision time............... Look at all the goodies we came home with. Do you see the little sampler and the rose thread on the left? Now, don't laugh, that is what I bought plus a few little notions........and the rest is Lisa's. She sure knows how to shop and sew too. I'm happy to tell you we made it home without one little accidental detour....it was a happy, happy day.


Oh heavens, 4:45 sure comes early, but it's Sunday and the WX Peddlers Faire is today. Yippee! After some coffee, I'm awake.....time to get ready for the day. Wear comfortable clothes, dress in layers, approiate shoes..okay. Now lets see....money, notebook, pen, tape measure, water, snack, hand sanitizer and my rolly cart...got it all. Off to meet our friends Rob and Michell and I'm meeting a blogging friend at the market too........more about meeting her in a minute. Lots of vendors today, I don't think there was one empty space. Shopping was great and we all found great treasures (and we saw lots of Scottie dogs, a clue to who I met). Carl found some neat treasures but his favorite for the day was a Fenwick Flipin Stick. He loves to fish and has a huge collection of rods and reels and this is a great addition....he's just itchin to use it too. I found some neat things too. This is my favorite find............
A vintage green basket, and I love it! I couldn't wait to get home and......
fill it with roses. These are my most favorite roses, "Secret", they are soooo fragrant. At first I put the basket on a table in the front room.......I didn't really like it here..........then I moved it here............
I think I it like much better here. What do you think?????
Look at these sweet pinwheel magnets.....aren't they just precious? They were a surprise from a blogging friend....before I tell you who let me tell you how I came to meet her. Well, my friend MICHELLE ordered some treasures from her Esty shop... as it turns out they talked and she was coming up to the faire (with her friend) and told Michelle she would bring her treasures and see her at the faire....how nice was that. Anyway, we all met up and she had a set of magnets for Michelle and me too. They are her own creation and I just love them. This sweet blogging friend is BECKY @ Sweet Cottage Dreams. It was so neat to meet a blogging friend, she is a dear. If you've never visited her blog stop by, you're in for a treat. Well, after all the shopping we headed to our favorite joint for breakfast and then home to rest, relax and maybe a little nap.

Well my friends have a happy day, I'm off to do some chores. Hugs, Linda

~~~~There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship~~~Author Unknown

Friday, April 11, 2008

~~2x2 Square Update~~

Good morning everyone and a happy Friday to all. I have an update on the Pink Artist Project I recently participated in this past February. An art doll was being created using 2x2 squares for her gown. Painters, beaders, stitchers,quilters and so many other gifted artist participated.....you could create your square any way you were so inspired. When the doll was finished she was to be auctioned/ raffled off with all proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the cure. Well 180 squares were submitted (this is mine) and "Love Squared" was created....and here she is! She is awesome and I so proud to have been part of this wonderful and worthwhile project. Click on any picture for a close up.
~~~~~~~~~~She is 40" in height.~~~~~~~~~
Look at these beautiful and amazing 2x2 squares......Monica Magness, her creator, took the squares and just stitched them randomly.....it couldn't be more beautiful.
So, so pretty...I see my square! Do you???
My message is always the same.....love yourself enough to get your yearly exam....early detection is key.....

Do you have plans for the weekend? Both days are going to be gorgeous here. Saturday Lisa and I are having an adventure and then Sunday is the WX Peddlers Faire...this is the best. We've missed only one market day in nearly three years....rain, wind, fog, just can't keep us away. Whatever your weekend plans enjoy. Until we meet again.....hugs, and warm regards, Linda

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

~ I Have Frogs In My House ~

Oh my goodness! I've been puttering around today and found lots of frogs in my cupboards. There is a huge one, two green ones, one of which has lots of holes, a pretty pink one I really like.........no, no, flower frogs.....not live ones. I'm sorry, did you think I meant the hippity hop ones? Here let me show you.................. The two glass ones were my granma's, the holey one was my mom's and all the little prickly ones I've picked up at different flea markets over the years. I love them all and use them for lots of different things................
Perfect for pens and pencils too...............
Of course postcards, pictures, greeting cards, and appointment cards....
And don't forget flowers. Do you have any of these little critters? How do you use your little frogs?? Smiles and enjoy your day....Linda

Monday, April 7, 2008

~~ Wonderful Monday ~~

Today was lovely and I think I had a touch of Spring fever. This morning Carl went over to the river to fish and later in the morning Lily and I took a ride over to see how he was doing. Isn't the river pretty and so peaceful...there was just a slight breeze and you could hear all the little birds chattering, I even heard a dove cooing. I saw a sea lion playing in the water and earlier there had been ducks and a turtle swim by.....I wish I had seen them, oh well maybe next time. Now about the fishing.................. No luck.....just lots and lots of nibbles and a wonderful relaxing morning. My hubby loves to fish and he has a great time whether he catches anything or not. While he was fishing Lily and I walked along the levee...it was heaven, beautiful trees, lots of wild flowers the rustle of a light breeze through the trees and little birds singing and talking to each other. It's hard to believe just about a mile away is the hustle and bustle of the city. Carl and I had some delicious coffee ( why does everything taste so good when you are outdoors) and after about an hour Lily and I headed home. Lily promptly took a nap and I puttered in the yard, pulling a few weeds and doing a little trimming...........
I love the color of this Azalea....this is a huge bush in the front yard and sometimes I'll cut some of the blooms for the house. This is Mr. Lincoln. The petals remind me of red velvet and the fragrance is just beautiful so yummy....
I love Camellias. This bush is quite large and filled with blooms. While the Camellias are in bloom you'll always find them in my home . I love to bring the outdoors inside...I love and enjoy nature.

Until we talk again, listen for the birdies and enjoy Mother Nature... she is amazing. Hugs, Linda

Friday, April 4, 2008

~Have A Rosy Weekend~

I love roses! I picked these lovelies earlier this week and they just make me happy each time I walk by them. The vase was my grandma's and I remember her using it for roses and sweet peas too. Isn't that a neat postcard? It's post marked Aug 26~7pm~ 1910 ~NEBR. Can you imagine it's over ninety years old. It has the sweetest message from Martha to her mother and you should see her penmanship, it is so pretty. Across the bottom is a lovely sentiment that reads............ To Wish You All That You Could Wish... and that is my wish for you too. Have a rosy weekend .....Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

~A Different Memory Board~

Last week while Spring cleaning I washed all my appliances and all the little bits and pieces in my kitchen....I tell you that was a job, and I'm happy to be finished with it. This is my refrig and I love it. Not only is it important for food storage and I love the water and ice feature but it's my bulletin board too. Here is the front with a few of my favorite magnets, pictures of Lisa and a little dog I will never forget......on the right side I keep my shopping list (which hopefully I remember to take with me), appointments cards and important numbers.......but the left side is my favorite.
It's my version of a memory board. I have pictures of near and dear ones, celebrations, friends and memories of times gone by that just make me smile. You can click on any of the pictures for a close up.
The top right picture is Carl's mom and dad on their 50th wedding anniversary, that was such a wonderful celebration, below that is a favorite picture of my mom and dad at the fair...we had wonderful parents and such great times together. Then there are the sidewalk pictures of my grandma and auntie. You can also see Lisa celebrating on her 21st birthday and under that is a picture of me on my first day of school. I loved school but this picture looks like I'm about to cry.
To the left are pictures of my honey. He has always loved to fish and you see one of his proud catches when he was a little boy. He was cute even then. The picture under the Evenrude magnet was on our 25th anniversary, we were on a cruise and it was just so much fun.
The three pictures to the left are of our family in Texas, that's my sister in law in the sun glasses and her sweet husband next to her. Under that is a picture of us girls taken on our visit a couple of years ago(we're going shopping) and under that picture is a picture of her and family...I just love it. To the left are all friends on just fun get togethers. Most of them, have moved to other states, I talk to them often....but I like to keep them close. There is a picture of our houseboat in the delta, which I can hardly wait to get back too and my favorite hummer picture.

I loved sharing my pictures with you.........What do you have on your refrig? Post a picture and let me know. I'll add a link on my blog . Have a happy day.......hugs, Linda