Sunday, February 22, 2009

~ Home Sweet Home Is Finished ~

I'm so happy. I just finished Home Sweet Home and I'm really pleased with it. Gosh, I started this way back in October of 2007, just working on it between other projects. It feels good to have it completed and I'm ready to start our new stitch tomorrow. Yesterday we had a great trip to Elegant Stitch. There was so much to see and each of us found some wonderful charts for future projects...I'll be sharing mine later in the week. I did find these...... sweet heart scissors and Lisa surprised me with these darling silver ones. I love them both and when I use them I'll always think of this fun road trip.

Have a good week...hugs, Linda

Friday, February 20, 2009

~ Finished! ~

I'm so happy! French Country ~ Love is finished and... I'm really pleased with it, how could I not be since it's a heart and I adore them. For this project we used Weeks Dye Works thread and I really liked stitching with it. I especially like the variation in color...and I love the subtle color changes you can see in the vine.

Tomorrow our little stitching group is taking a road trip to the Elegant Stitch. This is a wonderful cross stitch store, about a hours drive from here. The "Stitch" is filled with so many just feel like a kid in a candy store. I have a tiny wish list and I'm hoping to stick to it. What are your weekend plans?

I'll be by for a chat soon....hugs, Linda

Monday, February 16, 2009

~ Tonight Is Stitching Night ~

Hi everyone, I had a lovely Valentine weekend...hope you did too. Tonight is our stitchie get together and I'm ready... The cake is baked and frosted, this is a simple spice cake mix and ready made frosting but delish and ice cream is in the freezer. Carolyn, I wish you were here to enjoy....
Valentine flowers and candles on the table.....

Plates and napkins are set out too......and.......
My stitching things are ready. All I need to do is plug in my Ott Light and I'm good to go. We're hoping to finish this stitchie tonight and then on to our next project. My SIL, Carolyn is finished and waiting on us slow pokes. Can you see my sweet pink pin cushion from Betty at She's Sew Pretty? She surprised me with this cutie and I love it. Thank you Betty. Betty, has a lovely blog and makes the prettiest things, stop by, you won't be disappointed. I don't know about you , but I'm so scared I'll lose a needle while stitching. A pin cushion is a definite must and a pretty one makes it all the better. Well it's nearly time to stitch...see you soon...hugs, Linda

Saturday, February 14, 2009

~ Happy Valentine's Day ~

Sending each of you wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day. Hugs, Linda

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~ Hearts And A Valentine ~

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my heart tree. I would love it if you started a heart tree too. When I first started my collection, I had a little table top tree and as my collection grew so did my tree. You can have whatever size makes you happy. Here are a few more ornaments I really like.
Most everyone likes Santa, I know I do...this is another Christopher Radko ornament.
Two of my favorites were gifts from a quilting friend. I call the red one with the polka dots my Lucy reminds me of I Love Lucy and the little one beneath it is made of pewter with a precious kitty face on it.

Carl had this red stained glass heart made for me by one of his work co-workers.
One of our holiday traditions is to attend The Nutcracker Ballet. I was so excited to find this ornament at the souvenir booth. Isn't he handsome?

One more thing I wanted to share is this beautiful Valentine my honey gave me our first year as a married couple....1963.

I think it is so beautiful for many reasons. If you click on the picture you can really see how pretty it is. It's a Hallmark and cost $1.00......and that was a lot to spend for a card way back then. Hugs to you, Linda

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ A Heart Tree For All Seasons ~

February is a favorite month of's a sweet month filled with thoughts of love and loved ones, plus lots and lots of hearts ,which I adore. I have a heart tree in my dining room which I keep up year round. I light it every night whether were in that part of the house or just makes my heart happy. For a closer look you can click on the are some favorite ornaments.....
This is one of my first hearts, it's filled with potpourri and was a gift from Lisa, many years ago.
This sweet little crocheted heart was from Tamsen, my Christmas swap partner a couple years ago. It is very special to me...a handmade treasure from the heart. Sadly, she is no longer blogging, I hope when she has a little more time she'll be back.
This ornament was designed by Christopher is named Brave Heart. He created it to honor and commemorate all the heroes of 9-11-01. All his profits from this ornament went to the relief fund of the Red Cross in the greater New York area.
I think this hammered gold heart looks like it is wearing a crown, I like the pretty rose design.......hearts, roses and crowns what a great combination. Hugs and hearts to you....Linda

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hearts And Valentines

It been cold and rainy most of today and more of the same is predicted for tomorrow, but that's okay because...... I'm seeing hearts and Valentines everywhere I look, and love is is the air. I tucked this little love garland that Lisa gave me in with this candle and the sparklie gems.
Two pretty cards from years ago...the one on the left is from Carl and the other one was to both of us from my parents way back in 1977. I save all the cards and most of the notes I receive....does anyone else do that? I found the cute picture on the net, printed it and put it in a little has the sweetest verse and didn't cost a thing. I like this frame and use it over and over.
I love old silver pieces. This heart dish is from a peddlers fair...I've had it so long I really can't remember which one I bought it at. Sometimes I'll use it for a candle, today it holds a heart shaped paperweight.
Aren't conversation hearts fun? I liked this sentiment.

I tucked my new little Valentine in amongst some candles...I had to laugh, I think she is looking at the candle and thinking about blowing it out.
We'll be going to the WX Peddlers Faire tomorrow and then I'm going shopping for the....Wii Fit. I really don't know too much about this and want to get a little information. Does anyone have it? Do you use it and do you like it??? Happy weekend to you, hugs, Linda

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines And Flea Market Friday

I've just fallen in love with little vintage Valentine cards. I purchased this one on Flea Market Friday from Michelle at Back Through Time and it is just so sweet. For a better look at these darling images you can click on any of the pictures. On the back , written in pencil and just barely visible, it reads...To Grandma...From, Helen Sanderson...I love it she signed her last name.
Michelle also sent me surprise Valentine treasures..this darling little card. Don't you just love her hat and muff and look at the precious kissing cupids
These little cards tucked here and there just make me smile. Oh, did you notice the initial charm? Michelle crafted this. It's made from a vintage Anagram game piece, on the back is a small carved basket of flowers and the ribbon is also vintage. What is so cool I can wear my charm as a necklace or I can turn it into a pin. Michelle, thank you for these are a dear friend. Besure to visit Michelle, she has a wonderful blog, but also check out her shops listed on her sidebar....there are so many goodies. Have a fun Friday....hugs, Linda

Monday, February 2, 2009

~ It's A Super Day~

Yesterdays game was truly a "Super" Super Bowl. The game was action packed and filled with so many great plays...I was on pins and needles for most of the game. I thought both teams made amazing plays and I'm just happy the Steelers won. Our baked potatoes bar was great! I almost forgot the mushrooms...can't have that.
Carl said this was just an appetizer.
Lisa and I shared a baked potato, they were huge. Oh, that looks yummy.
Here's mine, I ate every morsel including the good. Can you tell I like sour cream? Good thing it's Daisy Lite...we love it and you can't tell it's the lite version. Next time we have a get together I think I'll do another baked potato bar.....I just thought of adding little pieces of fried bacon, now that sounds good.
Have a great day...mine is off to a good start hope yours is too. Hugs, Linda

Sunday, February 1, 2009

~Super Bowl Sunday~

Today is a great sports day. It's Super Bowl Sunday plus right now the Kings are playing a great basketball game. Later this afternoon the Steelers and the Cardinals will be playing in the Super Bowl. Normally I would be rooting for the little red bird but not today .
It's Steelers all the way. Carl and Lisa are giving me a bad time, but secretly I think they are rooting for the Steelers too.
During half time we'll be watching all the entertaiment and eating dinner, we're having a baked potato bar. Carl's baking the potatoes on the grill and then we will load then up with all sorts of toppings. I'm fixing chili, ground beef, grated cheese, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, cottage cheese (that's for me), and can't forget butter...I don't think I left anything out. This is so simple and yummy too.

Well back to basketball, at the moment the Kings are ahead and then the Super Bowl......STEELERS all the way. Hugs, Linda