Wednesday, February 27, 2008

~~It's Sparkle Time~~

Isn't this the cutest little gal? Dona, Sparkled me and has really made my day. Thank you for honoring me with this sweet award. Dona is a very talented lady. She collects and restores unique vintage pieces and then finds new homes for these treasures. If you've never visited her wonderful blog, pop over'll enjoy it. Now I'd like to pass this Sparkly award to...... ~~~Ginger~~ and~~ Kathyann~ ~~enjoy and sparkle away..I know I did.
Hugs to all, Linda

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Love Hankies

Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice Sunday. We are having a nice day here even though it is raining and cold. We talked to our family in Texas and did some catching up with friends too. The weather yesterday was nice, so my hubby went to his favorite little flea market and met up one of his buds. They poked around and found some neat things and he found some treasures for me too. I love, love, love hankies and he is always on the lookout for them. I should tell you even when I was little I always carried a little purse with a hankie tuck inside. This hankie was my Granma's. Her first name was Mae and that is my middle name. Well, when she passed away my Grandfather gave me all her hankies and they are some of my favorites things I have of hers. I think that is probably how my hankie collection got started. At peddlers fairs I'm always looking for a new one to add to my collection. I especially like.......
Hankies with the initial of my first name. In all the years of collecting I've only found two with my initial...actually Carl found them.

I have a collection of holiday hankies, bride hankies, embroidered ones and bright florals. Well any way when Carl came home he had a little package of sweet hankies. There were five..........................
Two pretty floral designs one yellow and the other the prettiest pink. Can you see the one with the little nosegay and the one with little Indians..too cute, and then this yellow one with the initial....."Honey is this initial hankie for me?"
"Yes, I know how much you like initial hankies." "Honey this is the initial F." "Let me see, Linda you are too so dinghy (a pet name from high school), it's suppose to be like this."......
Mmmm, I don't think so. What do you think? L, for Linda or maybe F for forever, that would work. Either way I love it....and it's the thought that counts. Hugs, Linda

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Good Morning. Did you follow the lunar eclipse last night? It was so awesome, I love the night sky and this was a spectacular show. Here are a few pictures I was able to capture.
I walked down to the corner and was able to get a good view of the moon's about 6:40pm. in this shot. You can click on any of the pictures for a close up.......please besure to click on the last one
This is about 6:54 pm. At this point I just watched and enjoyed the eclipse. About midnight I took the next picture from my backyard. It's my favorite.
When I look at this beautiful full moon with light clouds hugging it, I see a special image. Do you see something special? I hope so.

I wish for all of you a wonderful day. Linda

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Thank You and A Request

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your day is going well. Earlier this week Betty at Country Charm awarded me with this sweet award, I am honored....Betty,thank you ever so much. Isn't that a cute picture? I had no idea I would be meeting and making great friends from around the world. All of you are a constant inspiration and joy to me. If you are reading this please know I consider you one of my Best Blogging Buddies and this award is for you. I know I'm not able to name everyone this award is being passsed on to, but I would like to mention a few.... Brenda~~Welcome, Please come in
Dianntha~~ Ohio Farm Girl
Michelle~~I'm A Little Teapot
Priscilla~~Priscilla's Cottage
Rachael~~The Rose Room
Sharon~~Rose of Sharon

Enjoy and please pass this award on...

Before I say goodbye I have a favor to ask of you. Please say a little prayer for my next door neighbor, Dalme . I know you don't know her but this is a very sad time for her and I know prayers will help to heal her heart. Yesterday Dalme and Howard, another of my sweet neighbors were out for their morning walk (7am). As always Dalme had her faithful dog Ninja with her. They were one block from home when a pit bull broke through it's fence and attacked Ninja. Dalme and Howard screamed for help all the while trying to free Ninja. Finally after what Howard said was at least 5 minutes the owner came out and pulled his dog off. Ninja didn't survive. It is always so sad to lose a a beloved companion form old age or an illness, but to see your dog mauled to death is truly heart breaking. Prayers are powerful and I know she will feel a sense of comfort,tho she may not know why.

With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.......thank you dear friends. Linda

Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Is On The Way

Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful sunny day... but still rather cold. These sweet little violets are a sure sign spring is on the way and this makes me very happy. I love winter but I'm so ready for a change. Are you?I adore violets, to me they are an old fashion flower. Several years ago I bought a small pot of violets from a little old man at the flea market. I planted them by my front steps and they make me smile everytime I see them. I remember my Gramma had huge violet patches in her garden and I loved making little bouquets for us and all our neighbors too.
I've put a little touch of springtime on my nightstand...just as a reminder it's on the way and also because it makes me happy. Have a wonderful day and give yourself a bit of spring. Hugs, Linda

Friday, February 15, 2008

My 2x2

Good Morning everyone. I want to share my 2x2 square for the "Pink Artist" project. An art doll is being created and the 2x2's will be used in the project. The doll will be auctioned off to benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure. For more information visit Monica. As you know I am a survivor so this project is near and dear to me.
When I think of breast cancer certain words always come to mind. Faith, believe, hope and love. I have faith and that helped me through hard times and I believe a cure will be found and hope and pray it is soon. But for my square I chose the word love. Love yourself enough to get your yearly check-up, early detection is powerful. And if you have fought or are fighting this battle the love of family and friends is a great comfort and support for which I was truly thankful for.

Have a happy weekend........Hugs, Linda

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! On this most special day......... I know love, love, love is in the air.
Even one of my little birdies is celebrating today.
These sweet Valentine post cards were sent many years ago, to friends and family with wishes for a happy day. Some of the cards just have an address with no message at all.......I like to think they were sent by a secret admirer to a special someone. I love this little memory a has a heart base and the little holders are hearts too. How perfect is that?
Tonight at dinner we will exchange our Valentienes, but I want to show you my treasures from my friend Michelle and her hubby. Besides loving hearts I have a thing for crowns too. Look at this beautiful is gorgeous, and I adore it. Plus the little cherub candle...which I will never want to burn and the sweet birdie with the crown were from them too. She found the birdie in darling Dolly's esty boutique...she has the most lovely things.
Tonight as night falls I will light my heart tree, sit with a cup of tea and just savor the memories of this special day. Happy Valentine's Day dear friends and may your day be very special too. Hugs Linda

Monday, February 11, 2008

Treasures and A Big Thank You

It's Monday already, my days seem to be just flying by. Yesterday was the WX Peddlers Faire...I know, I can't believe a month has already come and gone either. We met our friends bright and early and headed for the market, we all found treasures including our husbands, I know my honey hardly ever gets skunked. After shopping we went for breakfast at our favorite little joint...and I mean that in the nicest way. We ate at the Pancake Circus. It has been at the same location for over 50 years and I think it has the same original decor. No matter, it has yummy food and is always packed with people. We exchanged our Valentine's and I can hardly wait for you to see what I got....I love my gifts and I'm sharing later this week. Now for WX. I found some pretty pieces, but one piece just gave me goose bumps.........
I love silhouette pictures and I have a nice little collection. Well, I saw this sweet one and I thought if it's a reasonable price I'll buy it. It was a fair price, but I probably would have paid whatever she asked because when I turned it over it had a lovely inscription....but that is not what gave me goose bumps. Look, look............
it says Paris , Texas! That is the sweet little town in Texas where all our relatives live. Can you believe it? What is the story behind this silhouette? What does it mean, was it meant for me? Whatever, I love it and it was destiny for it to end up with me. Click on the picture and you'll be able to read it too.
A big thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments concerning the side-boy.. sidecar..buffet. What I learned is most everyone calls this piece of furniture a buffet or a depends on the region you live in. Most everyone thought I should just call it what I like. So, the little girl in me wants to call it a side-boy. Hugs to all, Linda

Thursday, February 7, 2008

~~ My Dilemma~~

This is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture. We bought it this past summer from a dear friend. She was having an estate sale and wanted to sell this piece, but still hesitant to part with it. We've been friends for over 40 years and knowing I thought it was a treasure she was happy for me to have it. This piece has a wonderful history. It was her great aunt's, her future husband had it made as his wedding gift to her. It has a lovely old finish, and I think you can see the beautiful hand carving on the front. It has two large drawers, one for silver and the other for linens. On each end there is a door that opens to a cupboard for china. Now for my dilemma...... My auntie had furniture like this piece and I always called it a side-boy, my husband calls it a sidecar (I don't know how he came up with this) and most people call it a buffet. Help, help ! What is it's true name?
I love to put seasonal pieces on my side-boy, sidecar, buffet. Right now I'm celebrating Valentine's Day. A little of this and that..... the Red Transferware my husband found a couple months ago at his favorite little Saturday flea market and the heart vase he found at a garage sale several years ago. Doesn't he find the neatest things? Thanks you honey.

Now back to my dilemma.........side-boy, sidecar, or buffet. What do you think???? Have a special day, hugs, Linda

Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Happy Monday to you! It is a beautiful morning......the sun is shining brightly and a wonderful day is waiting.

What did you think of the Super Bowl? For me, I thought the game was kind of draggie, but the last few minutes were so matter who you were rooting for. Did you have a favorite commerical? As always mine was the Budweiser one with the amazing horses and sweet Dalmatian. It was tasteful and touching. I don't know why but it brought a tear to my eye...I guess when animals are involved I'm just a softie.

I've been seeing lots of darling holiday banners and liked them so much, I wanted to make one. This is my first attempt. I used doilies, three different sizes and colors. I added vintage buttons and the press on letters and there you have it. I was on a roll, so I made several more for friends, all just a bit different. This was fun and I think they all turned out pretty sweet. You still have time to make one, I hope you do.
Here are some of the my Valentine 's I have sprinkled around my living room.
The book cases. Mmmm, I just realized there is not one book here.
I have Hummels and pottery displayed.....I think I better find a book or two.
I love this was a Christmas gift from my friend, I have more fun changing the little vignettes within....this one just makes me smile.

Michelle, thank you for this award, you did make my day. I'm sending you a giant hug. Through blogging I've traveled the world, met the most kind, talented, interesting ladies and I would like to pass this award on to .....
Rosemary and Dona who make my day when I visit them.

Have a happy day is waiting and I'm off to play in the glorious sun. Smiles, Linda

Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome February ~ One Of My Favorite Months

Good Morning and a happy Friday to you. Today is the first day of February and a very special month too. This is a favorite month of mine, filled with holidays and special days of celebration, and for me Valentine's Day is extra special. I love these little red carnations and thought what a perfect way to welcome in the month. Recently Michelle tagged me to share Why It's Great To Be we go......
1 . ~ I am blessed to wake each morning to another beautiful day.

2. ~ I am blessed knowing I'm never alone and My Heavenly Father is always with me.

3. ~ I am happily blessed to be married to a wonderful loving and caring man.

4. ~ I am blessed with a kind, generous, loving daughter.

5. ~ I am blessed with good health and five years cancer free.

6. ~ I am blessed with a warm comfortable home.

7. ~ I have a happy deposition and this is a true blessing.

8. ~ I am blessed to accept what comes my way, to keep going and never give up.

9. ~ I am blessed with good friends who have seen me at my best and worst and stood by me.

10. ~ I am blessed with the love for animals and a desire to care for as many little loves as possible.

Well there you go. I'm tagging Priscilla at Priscilla's Cottage.

Did you remember February 1st is National Wear Red Day? Statics say heart disease is the #1 killer for women (I always thought it was breast cancer) so love yourself enough to take care of your heart. Some tips for a healthy heart...

1. Increase your activity level, take a daily walk.

2. Drop a few pounds, if need be.

3. Less salt in your diet.

Numbers 1 an 2 apply to me, so I'd better get busy. Remember to wear red today, in fact wear a little red each day this month.

Have a wonderful day and weekend...Hugs, Linda