Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Is On The Way

Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful sunny day... but still rather cold. These sweet little violets are a sure sign spring is on the way and this makes me very happy. I love winter but I'm so ready for a change. Are you?I adore violets, to me they are an old fashion flower. Several years ago I bought a small pot of violets from a little old man at the flea market. I planted them by my front steps and they make me smile everytime I see them. I remember my Gramma had huge violet patches in her garden and I loved making little bouquets for us and all our neighbors too.
I've put a little touch of springtime on my nightstand...just as a reminder it's on the way and also because it makes me happy. Have a wonderful day and give yourself a bit of spring. Hugs, Linda


Brenda said...

Yes it is here too. I woke up late and just posted so you have to come back. Love your pretties! I just have to get mine all out.

PAT said...

The sun has been in and out today and it's snowed in between. We had some rain over the weekend. The rain and snow seem more like Spring precipitation, rather than Winter. Yes...Spring is on it's way.

I love Violets too. My grandmother kept several pots of African Violets in her south facing kitchen window. They were gorgeous all the time. I never could get mine to do as well.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I have put a bit of Spring here and there as well...wishful thinking so far!

The Rose Room said...

I love violets also, so old fashioned. They grown like a weed in my garden:) Rachael

Quaint Prims said...

Look at you!! Spring is on the way..
It's COLD here, but Spring shall come!!
just not yet
Love your violets!!
smiles, Deena

Counting Your Blessings said...

Violets are some of my most favorites!! My mom made a little dress for my daugther years ago from an old violet tablecloth. Ooooo, I still love it!! Blessings... Polly

Rosemary said...

I love violets Linda!!
So preety. I don't think mine are in bloom yet.
I have been adding Spring and Green to the house lately.

bj said...

Hi, Linda...thanks for stopping by. Yes, I love violets, too. I have some along the front of my house but they only bloom a couple of weeks out of the whole year. They are fabulous while they last, tho.
hugs, bj

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Linda,
I love Violets as well. They are very Spring looking. I guess I'm ready for Spring. It doens't look like we are going to get any Snow this Winter, so COME ON SPRING!!!! LOL. Your night stand looks very beautiful. I don't have any thing that is Springy in the way of decorations. My kitchen curtains have Sunflowers on them, so I guess you could call that some Spring. It has been partly cloudy here today and it's only 45 degrees. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Andi said...

I love your beautiful new banner!

I've always thought violets were a little old fashioned as well...but so regal in their purple splendor. I've always loved them and remember them growing outside our kitchen window when I was a child.

Dona said...

Spring is in the air, and I can't wait.It's to early here for any color of any kind except maybe white. But soon, soon, soon, have to keep reminding myself soon.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am ready for spring too. We have a couple of violet plants inside in pots. They are so pretty and delicate.

Mary Isabella said...

I loveviolets. My Grandmother had a big patch in our yard. I loved them so sweet...Smiles

nannykim said...

I, too, have fond memories of violets. When I was a child and lived in CT we would make May baskets for our neighboors--we would always put some violets in them---that is what they always remind me of!!! We would put the basket at their door, ring the bell, and run away and hide and watch! so much fun!

Susan Tuttle said...

Spring is on the way - pretty flowers!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


Sharon said...

I love violets! They are so beautiful and like you said, so old fashioned. I love your little night stand display.....very pretty and relaxing!

Hugs, Sharon

Kari & Kijsa said...

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She is turning 40!!!

I would love for you to stop by the party on Wednesday to surprise (hopefully!) the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, sprinkle a little of your magic birthday dust, and check out the party favor giveaway!


cottage*home said...

Hi Linda,
You know, Im a winter lover too, but the spring is slowly coming along here too (UK)and .........Im liking it!
Thankyou for the lovely comments on my prim items! The fabric Im using is kind of like a linen, quite heavy. I got it for quite a reasonable price, I know others who use muslin though whch is just as good!

Lynne said...

You need to visit my best friend Tina's blog - Violetlady at Home (on my blogroll). She loves violets and did a great post about them a few days ago. I'm going to send her over here to read this one.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I always love to see the first flowers of spring - here it's usually snowdrops followed by daffodils. Spring flowers are all such lovely colours too.

violetlady said...

I am so glad you and so many fellow bloggers love my favorite flower. Violets are sweet and shy --- I named my oldest cat Violette because she was so wild and shy when she was little. As Lynne said, I blogged about violets several days ago. Come see!

Michelle said...

Your violets are so pretty..I have some that are growing in my front yard and I was admiring them yesterday..great minds think alike because I was going to post about mine too! They look perfect on your nightstand (love the black & white photo of you and your hubby too)! You look so happy together :)


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How sweet and charming your violets are. They remind me of my Grandmother, who grew them in her house under a grow light.


PS: Are the blossoms popping on trees where you are? They are here!!!

Jackie said...

I so long for spring in all its glory. Oh well we have more winter to get through yet. Once spring is here I am going to be outside as much as possible.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love winter too, but I find myself looking forward to spring and the re-awakening of the flowers and trees.

Jillian said...

What a nice memory of your Grandmother...and I love how you give them out to others too to spread her cheer around.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for leaving a comment on my Sister's blog! She's still learning how to do everything but really loves it.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love violets too. Nothing says Spring like violets and daffodils. Violets are so sweet and so old fashioned. We have wild ones all over the property. :) Lynn

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Your neighbors are sure lucky to get such beautiful bouquets from you. How sweet of you to do that.
Have a nice evening

Mrs. Staggs said...

We've had a hint of spring around our area this week, and as much as I'd still love to see one really big snow, I'm enjoying the sunshine too.

I love violets, and have a small patch of them out by my pond. The smell of them always reminds me of rain, on a spring day, in a wooded place.