Friday, January 30, 2009

~ A Sweet Little Cherub ~

Happy Friday! Do you have plans for the weekend? Tomorrow , I have a lunch and movie date with Lisa and then Sunday is the Super Bowl....go Steelers. I hope lots of you are rooting for them.
Isn't this just the sweetest little cherub? I just love her. I wish I could tell you I found this little treasure in a little old antique shop, but actually it is one of the precious images Patty shared with us. I just copied and enlarged the picture and tucked it in a nice frame I'd found at Goodie Will. Whenever I see frames I like and a good price I scoop them up...I know I'll use them someday.
This is the same picture taken from a different angle, but I liked it because if you look closely you can see a reflection in it of my moonstone on the sideboy. I think it's kinda neat.
Well, I'm going to stitch a bit and then start dinner. We are having Hamburger Pie....a Bisquick recipe from years ago, we really like. I use the Heart Smart Bisquick, light cheese and 2% milk.....helps cut calories and fat and still taste delish. What are you fixing for dinner? Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~ Cute Do-Dad And Dinner ~

Hi everyone. Hope your day has been nice. I had lots of little errands to run, took Lilly for a walk and have just been puttering around home. Look at this cute little do-dad my friend Michelle gave me. Do you have a clue what it's used for? Flowers...maybe, but we thought it would be perfect for my Bakelite flatware.
Carl found a whole service for six several years ago at the flea market. I love the greens and Carl's favorite color is red. Do you have a favorite?
How cool is this? I'm so glad my friend passed this cute do-dad on to me...I love it. Well, I need to start thinking about dinner, I'm fixing Paula Deen's country friend steak.....yum, yum. Have a happy evening, hugs, Linda

Monday, January 26, 2009

~ Valentine Garland ~

Hi everyone. Here is my Valentine garland I made over the weekend. These garlands are so fun to do and easy too. You saw the fabric strips I had cut, well you need to cut a bunch of them....1" wide by 7" long. After you've cut your strips just tie them onto a piece of twine and then embellish... I added some heart cookie cutters for fun, but the skies the limit, but you really don't need to add anything. These garlands are pretty on their own. The little yellow shelf is in my kitchen and is hanging over the arch way into our family room. Speaking of my kitchen let me show you my newest nesting chick.
The is the first black chick I've ever seen, he was a Christmas gift from Carl. I love him! Check out the watermelon slices on the left (click on the picture) the seeds are hearts, too cute. I found the black pepper shaker ...
and this sweet rug a couple of weeks ago at the WX Peddlers Faire. It's a little frayed on one edge but that just adds to it's charm. Have a happy day...tonight is SAL...I think everyone has their homework done...and that's a good feeeling. Oh, before I go I wanted to tell you I found the garland idea on sweet Sharon's blog...she has the neatest ideas....go by for a visit, you are sure to enjoy. Until we chatter again...hugs, Linda

Friday, January 23, 2009

~ Friday This And That ~

It's cold and rainy today......a perfect this and that day. Stitching homework finished......this is going very quickly. I think we'll be finished before Valentines Day. When stitching, do you use a needle threader? I do. This is my favorite style. I have three just in case. You know how it is when you find something you like and then it's discontinued......well, I'm not taking any chances......Started
a Valentine craft project. I love the fabrics with the heart designs I was in a Valentine swap last year and the fabric is from my partner, Elizabeth.
Finished reading Knit Two and really enjoy it, in fact I'd love to see the series continue with a third book. Starting a cozy mystery, Busy Bodies by Joan Hess. I've never read any of her books but she is supposed to be good...have you read any of her books?
Happy weekend, hugs, Linda

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~~Our New Stitch~~

Monday was our first get together since the holidays and as the saying goes we were itchin to get stitchin. Besides getting this stitch under way we've already decided on our next two projects. The first one is by CCN...called "Bless Our Home." We thought it looked very Americana with a wonderful patriot theme. Don't you just love Old Glory and the sweet star above the door? The second project we decided on is A Quaker Christmas, by ByGone's an amazing piece and for me, rather ambitious. As soon as I get the chart I'll post a picture of it. Well, I do have a tad bit of homework and I think I'll spend the afternoon stitching. It's cold and gray here with rain in the forecast.....a perfect time to stitch......hugs, Linda

Monday, January 19, 2009

~ My Framed Stitch~

Hi everyone. I just picked up my framed stitchie and I'm so happy with the way it turned fact I love It! For the time being I hung it on a small wall next to the...
the dinning room hutch. This was the first project we did for our SAL and we had a great time stitching and fact we spent so much time talking we had lots of homework each week. Tonight we our getting together for the first time since the holidays.
This is our next SAL. This time there will be four of us....Lisa, Michelle, me and my SIL, Carolyn who lives in fun is that. Well I must get ready...have a happy evening...hugs, Linda

Sunday, January 18, 2009


****** This Little Bear Knows What's What ******

Friday, January 16, 2009

~Sweet Award and Sweet Find~

Thank you Priscilla and Betty for this special Friends are both very sweet ladies and dear friends to me and I'll treasure this award. Here is a description of the award........These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon's of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with.

I'm sending this award on to 8 friends...some have been with me since I began my blog and some are new friends I've made along the way. Actually I think of you all as friends and each one of you deserve this award....but I'll try to stick with the guidelines. So here you go....Andi, Patty, Michelle, Mama Bear, Michelle, Jackie, Nancy, Lib, Pea and Kathleen.


Before I say good-bye let me show you a sweet little find. I haven't been going to the thrift stores but on Wednesday after running errands Goodie Will was calling me. So I decided to make a quick stop. I looked all over and didn't find a thing I wanted, as I was leaving I just happened to glance in on of their display cases and look what I found...
This gorgeous Moonstone candy dish. I love it! I did pay a little more then I usually do for items from the thrift store but way less than what I would have paid at the peddlers faire. Hugs, and a happy weekend to all...Linda

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been tagged by Deb @ Posted from Home to do a fun Meme. Deb has a lovely blog and is a wonderful photographer...if you've never visited her blog, do, you'll enjoy your visit and make a new friend. Now here are the directions: Open a document or photo folder, choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Do a post describing the photo. Tag five friends to do the Meme. Here's mine.... This picture is taken from our hotel balcony over looking Noyo Harbour. All is quite at the moment but this is a very busy harbour with lots of boats coming and going. Carl and I always enjoy watching all the activities.
Here is a night is so pretty with all the twinkling lights. Now I'm tagging.....Andi, Dianntha, Jackie, Joy and Rechelle ......well there you go. Have a nice evening eveyone....hugs, Linda

Monday, January 12, 2009

~ Our Weekend ~

We have been having very cold weather and lots of fog but the past few days have been wonderful ....cold but wonderfully sunny. Friday, we decided to go for lunch at a favorite haunt of ours and then check our houseboat.This is the Freeport Inn., a wonderful little restaurant located at the entrance to the delta. They serve the yummiest meals....
Mmmmmm, what do I want?
I know what I'm having....the Cajun Talipia, served with little red potatoes and fresh veggies. I love Talipia, it is such a mild white fish and the way this was prepared was delish. I ate every bite..yes indeedie.
Carl had the soup and salad combination.......I have to laugh, on Friday he always has this. They are known for their clam's to live for and he loves it. After lunch we headed to the marina, just to make sure all was secure with our little houseboat.
I just love this spot and I'm glad we are finally settled in it. We decided to postpone the move until just last week because of the weather and then the next year maybe I'll put lights on it at Christmas. We had to move our houseboat up river 20miles and friends traveled in their boat as an escort just in case of problems, and thank goodness they were there. There was engine trouble and Carl had to be towed just about a 3mile......oh, I'm so glad Danny, Dave and Rob were on hand. Anyway, everything is fine now. Carl was able to fix the problem....I'm so thankful he is able to do all that kind of stuff. Before this summer we want to paint the outside and maybe new curtains inside and then it's ready to enjoy.
Sunday was the WX Peddlers Faire which is always fun even though it was really cold and foggy. I found just a couple little things I'll share later in the week. After poking around we headed to the Market Club for breakfast.
Later in the day watched the Steelers game, my team forever....can't wait until next weekend...I'm hoping for another win and then on to the Super Bowl...wahoo. Hugs, Linda

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~ Early Valentine Treats ~

I just got home from the grocery store and my daughter Lisa had Valentine treats for me. She is such a sweet girl and is always spoiling me....First she found these darling towels and look at these cuties...
Heart shaped measuring cups and spoons....I love them!
Even the end of the cups and spoons have a heart cut out...pretty cool. I'm going to have fun making cookies with these......Hugs, Linda

Thursday, January 8, 2009

~ A Touch Of Valentines ~

I'm as bad as the stores, I'm already sprinkling touches of Valentines around.
I've taken my Dickens Village down and nearly all my moonstone pieces are out .
Hung my love banner from last year...and yup, that's our Christmas tree you see in the mirror. I know, I'm probably the last person with their tree up, but I'm still enjoying mine......
In the evening I like to have a cup of something and just sit and gaze at the the soft lights and the's very relaxing. But, all good things must come to an end, so today and tomorrow you know what I have to do. Have a happy day....hugs, Linda

Monday, January 5, 2009

~ Love This Coupon~

Yippee!! I'm heading to Michael's. I have been waiting for this coupon for the longest time. I think I shared this....
finish...this is my first Blackbird Design and I loved doing it. Each stitch was done individually and I split the top thread as I did the stitch. This is a special piece for me and I wanted a special frame and to have it professionally framed.....
This is what our stitching group is doing is the sweetest and perfect for the season. I have my material but I have to order my threads...I'd better do that today, we plan to stitch next week. Have you started a new project.....a new year, new project...sounds good to me....Hugs, Linda

Friday, January 2, 2009

~My 2009 Journal and A Cute Award~

Yesterday was a lovely day, I spent the whole day just doing fun things. I watched two great movies, stitched, read and then had a yummy dinner...pretty nice way to start the new year. I also worked on my personal goals and aspirations for the new year. This pretty journal was a Christmas gift and I'm using it
to record my goals and aspirations. Some are personal improvement and others are things I want to accomplish during the year.
I also keep a daily gratitude journal and I decided to just devote part my new journal to it. Each night I record three things that I am thankful for....for me I just jot down a few words, but you can really write as much as you want, but this is not a diary. When you keep a gratitude journal you realize little things mean a lot and how blessed you truly are.

Andi, at Andi's Everyday Adventure recently gifted me with this cute "Fabulous Blog Award" that cute icon. Thank you Andi, you are the sweetest and you have a wonderful blog.
Now here are the rules for this award:
1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs.
2. Include the person that gave it to you and link it back to them, if you can.
3. List 5 of your fabulous additions.....
Here goes...mine are...
1. Sweets
2. Movies, especially old black and white ones
3. Reading and xstitching
4. Peddler fairs
5. Mexican Food
I'm sending this award on to Victoria, Priscilla, Nancy, Denise and Rachael.
Have a nice weekend...hugs, Linda

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~ Happy New Year~

Happy New Year everyone. My wish, as always, to each of you is for a year filled with happiness, peace and contentment. May 2009 be a bright and happy year.......Linda