Friday, January 2, 2009

~My 2009 Journal and A Cute Award~

Yesterday was a lovely day, I spent the whole day just doing fun things. I watched two great movies, stitched, read and then had a yummy dinner...pretty nice way to start the new year. I also worked on my personal goals and aspirations for the new year. This pretty journal was a Christmas gift and I'm using it
to record my goals and aspirations. Some are personal improvement and others are things I want to accomplish during the year.
I also keep a daily gratitude journal and I decided to just devote part my new journal to it. Each night I record three things that I am thankful for....for me I just jot down a few words, but you can really write as much as you want, but this is not a diary. When you keep a gratitude journal you realize little things mean a lot and how blessed you truly are.

Andi, at Andi's Everyday Adventure recently gifted me with this cute "Fabulous Blog Award" that cute icon. Thank you Andi, you are the sweetest and you have a wonderful blog.
Now here are the rules for this award:
1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs.
2. Include the person that gave it to you and link it back to them, if you can.
3. List 5 of your fabulous additions.....
Here goes...mine are...
1. Sweets
2. Movies, especially old black and white ones
3. Reading and xstitching
4. Peddler fairs
5. Mexican Food
I'm sending this award on to Victoria, Priscilla, Nancy, Denise and Rachael.
Have a nice weekend...hugs, Linda


Nancy said...

Love the journal and it is great you are already working on it. I hope you keep doing such good work. I know me, I would never keep it up.
Thank you for the award. I will put it on soon.

Denise said...

Thank you for that fun award.. I have not been doing much blogging and hope to get with it in the new year... Trying to manage my time a bit better so that I will have time to spend with you my blog friends...

Have a great weekend .........

Lib said...

A great post! Lovely journal!
Have a great wk.end!

TattingChic said...

What a great lil' journal! I love journaling. Congratulations on your award! :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Congrats on your award,...thats so sweet! Happy 2009!


~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Morning Linda(")
love your new journal.. MY Snowman and Sheep (:) thanks on the sweet words..will put the sheep on ebay..
gotta run for now, ...hope you have a great day..hugs,Patty

Kelli said...

What a wonderful idea! Happy New Year to you and your family!

PEA said...

Such a wonderful idea to keep a journal to list your goals and aspirations for the new year, as well as your daily gratitude:-)

Congratulations on receiving the well deserved award!! xoxo

Vintage Tea said...

I've just started doing a gratitude journal myself... it's amazing how many things you can list when you really think about it.

Thank you so much for the award, I will post this week

Victoria xx

Swampgirl said...

Love your gratitude journal- what a neat way to count your blessings!

Love Bears All Things said...

Several of the blogs i visit are journalers. I'm so glad. It really helps to write things down. I save the first two pages in my first journal of the year for goals and aspirations. Improving relationships, volunteering more, living healthier to name a few.
I haven't done that yet in this one but it is coming. I think I'm going to add a weekly To-Do list. I usually include a daily Bible verse from my devotion and sometimes write my prayers down.
Congrats on another award. She looks a little like Audry Hepburn.
Mama Bear

Andi said...

Happy New Year Linda! I'm late getting around to visiting my blog friends and leaving my good wishes for 2009.

Sounds like the year is starting off perfectly for wonderful. I love your journal. I used to keep a gratitude journal as well and found I had so much to be grateful for. That's a lovely journal.

I think the award is a cute one to pass along and I was happy to pass it your way. I'm glad you passed it along too!

Hugs, Andi

Ronda said...

Hello Linda,
Your journal is os pretty. It's a fabulous idea as well.
Congratulations on your award.
Sorry I haven't commented lately. I have been stopping by to read and catch up, since things were so busy during the CHRISTmas holidays.
Love & Prayers,

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Linda, a journal is a wonderful thing to keep and I love the gratitude idea! I hope all your goals are met as you journey through this year! Congratulations on your award! blessings, Kathleen

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Oh thanks Linda(:) but I wish I could take credit for the ''original ideas''.. LOL.. ..these fun things(ideas) are all out there for me to pick from ..(:)
hugs Patty

Kathi said...

Linda, What a great way to start the new year. I really like your journal. I hope to have a day like that today. Bless you dear. Kathi

The Rose Room said...

looks like your are onto it with your journals! Thanks so much for the award, will be posting next post!!!Rachaelxo

Priscilla said...

Hi Linda, Thank you so much for the award, You too have a fantastic blog! I have also been planning my year in a similar way, in a diary, goals etc. It keeps me focused...

Priscilla x