Monday, February 11, 2008

Treasures and A Big Thank You

It's Monday already, my days seem to be just flying by. Yesterday was the WX Peddlers Faire...I know, I can't believe a month has already come and gone either. We met our friends bright and early and headed for the market, we all found treasures including our husbands, I know my honey hardly ever gets skunked. After shopping we went for breakfast at our favorite little joint...and I mean that in the nicest way. We ate at the Pancake Circus. It has been at the same location for over 50 years and I think it has the same original decor. No matter, it has yummy food and is always packed with people. We exchanged our Valentine's and I can hardly wait for you to see what I got....I love my gifts and I'm sharing later this week. Now for WX. I found some pretty pieces, but one piece just gave me goose bumps.........
I love silhouette pictures and I have a nice little collection. Well, I saw this sweet one and I thought if it's a reasonable price I'll buy it. It was a fair price, but I probably would have paid whatever she asked because when I turned it over it had a lovely inscription....but that is not what gave me goose bumps. Look, look............
it says Paris , Texas! That is the sweet little town in Texas where all our relatives live. Can you believe it? What is the story behind this silhouette? What does it mean, was it meant for me? Whatever, I love it and it was destiny for it to end up with me. Click on the picture and you'll be able to read it too.
A big thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments concerning the side-boy.. sidecar..buffet. What I learned is most everyone calls this piece of furniture a buffet or a depends on the region you live in. Most everyone thought I should just call it what I like. So, the little girl in me wants to call it a side-boy. Hugs to all, Linda


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Linda,
What a beautiful sillohoute. I know I didn't spell that right, but I'm sure you know what it reads. LOL. I have a Sillhoute of our oldest daughter when she was in Kindergarten and it was given to me for Mother's Day. I read the back of it and I do think it must have been meant for you. I'm glad you solved the buffet situation. It is yours and you can call it whatever you like. When you have time, stop by. I have 3 Awards for you on my today's post. It is another cold day here. It is only 36 degrees here right now. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Dee Dee said...

What a lovely piece...and of course it was meant for you! I just love that you and your DH have been married for 45 years. I'm getting ready to celebrate my 3rd anniversary! Any pointers or words of wisdom?

Dee Dee

Dona said...

Good for you! I totally beleive in naming something that you love, what you want. That is what makes it extra special to us.


Brenda said...

My sister lived in Paris Texas when my nephew was born 32 years ago. I stayed all summer and loved it.

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOVE that silhouette!! What a score! ...I love things that are signed and dated!

jayedee said...

what a wonderful story! i wonder if any of your relatives have knowledge of mrs. watson? wouldn't it be fun if they did?

kbbryant said...

I almost went to the Peddlers Fair Sunday, but forgot until too late!

It's so sweet that your "find" had and inscription on the back. Gives me goose bumps too that it is from your family town.
Have a great day.......It's a pretty one.
Kathy b

Mermaid Queen said...

What an amazing find! I think it was meant to be yours. I found my grandfather's china he made during the depression at an antique shop in Ventura. ~Martha

melissa @ the inspired room said...

So funny about all the different names for things. I've always called them buffets, but I hear sideboard a lot. I've never heard of a sidecar or sideboy! I learn something new everyday I say!


Happy Valentines Week!


Hope said...

Hi Linda,
I just came over from Karen's blog. She said you had sent her a wonderful package and she had your link there so I came to check it out! I am intrigued already!! I love the silhouette and especially since it has a hand-written message on the back. So neat.

My husband and I are junkin' junkies! :o) Like your hubby, mine has a good eye too and finds great bargains! If you visit my blog and go back a few posts you will see that I have a new/old sideboy, sidecar, buffet that I've searched for for several years now. I call mine a sideboard because of the way it's made. I always thought that buffets were longer and more narrow to hold lots of food. I'll have to research this one! LOL I live in an old farmhouse built in 1928 and I feel like this one is in keeping with the era of house.

I will definitely be back to view your archives and catch up! Come visit me sometime.


Jackie said...

We had an auction here during the summer and I saw a set of those silhouette pictures. There were 4 of them. I started bidding but then the price got to dear. I wish that I could have managed to get them they were just beautiful.

How wonderful that the inscription mentions the town where all your relatives live.

Deb said...

The Peddlers Faire sounds wonderful & I love the name of your favourite little breakfast spot! It sounds like the perfect day being with friends, treasure hunting, exchanging Valentines and a pancake breakfast :-}. Your silhouette picture is wonderful - what a beautiful addition to your collection.

Rosemary said...

Hi Linda,
What a great find!! I think it was meant to be yours.
How lovely.

Esther Sunday said...

Side boy it is! Love, Esther

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Don't you just love it when you come across something that just was meant to be for you! It is beautiful and even more special because of the inscription on the back!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

WOW! That is so neat I just got the goose bumps!! I just love going on the hunt for that one spcial thing. I am planning on going to Pasadena flea market in March. I can hardly wait. I don't go very often because it is our family day and church and all, but every now and then a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Sharon said...

That is so cool that you found that picture! It is so pretty, I love those and I have only about 2 or 3. I don't have them on display right now, but I will soon. It sounds like you had a great day!

Hugs, Sharon

Cottage Contessa said...

What a beautiful treasure you found! Sounds like you all had a really lovely day!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love your silhouette. They seem to becoming very popular again. This one is particularly lovely, and so is the sentiment.

Take care.

ohiofarmgirl said...

What a great discovery! I love to find vintage items and I love the look of your buffet is beautiful! Dianntha

Michelle said...

I love all your treasures~what a great find with that silhouette..I really love your pretty. I have a few tea cups but none have a design on the inside, that is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your day!


Priscilla said...

Linda, that is amazing what you found, I love it when things like that happen! I love the picture too, what a sweet note on the back.....

I look forward to seeing your Valentine gifts,

Happy Valenntines Day!
Priscilla x

Andi said...

The silhouette is lovely and I think it was meant to come home to you. How cool that it's from a place in Texas where your family is from.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Linda, a side boy it is then! Cute name! That is amazing about the silhouette, it was meant for you :) Happy Valentines Day, we hope you have a lovely day :) Jenn and Jacqui