Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~~A Stitch A Long~~

We are having a stitch a long Lisa, Michelle and me! Last night was our first get together and we had fun.......giggles and some grrrs too. We plan to meet every Monday, have a light supper and then stitch for a couple of hours.... Here is the project we are doing, Moonlit Garden a Blackbird Design, the yummy threads and my fabric. The colors are so pretty. Do you like? We love it and are hoping to have it finished for Halloween. After stitching last night, to make sure we finish by Halloween we'll be having homework.

Thank you for all the comments on the flowers. Most everyone thinks it's Verbena or Phlox.....just to make sure which, sometime this week I'm taking a piece to the nursery and have them solve the mystery. I'll let you know the final answer.

Lisa and I had a lovely time at the Mother's Day Tea on Saturday...I've but a picture on the sidebar.......look at all the goodies.

Well, I must do my homework...have a lovely week. Hugs, Linda


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Sounds like a fun time. I used to cross-stitch quite a bit, but seldom do anymore. What fun to stitch with a friend!
Thanks for the kind comments on Brad's prom pics!


Priscilla said...

ooohhh that is such a nice cross stitch design! I love halloween items cant wait to see how it comes along....... I must say your evening of stitching and tea and chatting sounds really wonderful,what a nice way to spend time with friends and family.I bought some Aida on monday so I can start on the cottage garden!

Have a great week linda

Priscilla x

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

How nice to have that to look foward to every Monday. I can't wait to find out the name of your pretty pink plant. I will be back to see.
Have a wonderful day,

A Thing for Roses said...

Crafting with friends is always so much more fun. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. You deserve it! I always love it when you stop by. You always have such nice things to say. Thanks!



TinaTx said...

You will have so much fun stitching with friends every week! There are 3 of us that have been stitching together once a week for a couple of years now. We all get a bit cranky if we have to miss for some reason! Our 'regular' night is Wednesday but we are flexible and sometimes do Tuesday or Thursday. We take turns cooking (hubby's first question when I tell him which night we are stitching is 'who's turn is it to cook?)
We don't have a 'group' project going - we just stitch on whatever, but I love the project you are doing!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a great idea! I should get out my cross-stitching again.

Dolly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful mothers day Linda!

I love love your banner!

Hugz, Dolly

Swampgirl said...

Hi Linda! I had a typo in my link to Money Saving Mom! Sorry, I fixed it and it should work now! Lynn

Vintage Tea said...

Your mother's day tea sounds (and looked!) yummy!

Thanks for your compliment to my mum - she will love that someone thinks she's a "cool mum"!!!

Victoria x

BittersweetPunkin said...

Popping in to say hello to you Linda!! I am glad you had a lovely time...love the photo!

Wanda said...

Halloween is a long time away. You'll get it finished. And how relaxing. If you can see it. I'd need 3.00 glasses and a magnifier to see the stitches these days. :-(

PAT said...

That's pretty, Linda. It seems when we do these projects with others, it makes it twice as fun!


Deb said...

What a fun idea to get together with a friend and have a craft night - Your "moonlit garden" project is so pretty. Your Mother's Day tea sounds wonderful - what a nice photo of you and Lisa.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh what fun! It's always inspiring to work together in a group isn't it?

She'sSewPretty said...

I used to love to cross-stitch. That will be a pretty stitchery when it's done.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I am doing much better today!

sappita said...

Linda - Greetings all the way from Nashville, TN!
I'm a blogger too - and especially liked your strawberry entry.
I'll blogroll you on my blog, www.frpcrockpot.blogspot.com, if that's okay with you!

Alison Boon said...

I like your design. You better be very good about doing your homework if you want it finished. It's so nice to be able to stitch with friends.

Love Bears All Things said...

sounds like fun. I saw that picture of the two of you at High Tea. I've only done that once but it was so fun. Where are your hat & gloves? I always dress up when I go.
Mama Bear