Thursday, October 18, 2007

Look What I Found

Last week was the WX Peddlers Fair and I found this treasure of a lamp. In all the years of collecting moonstone I've never seen a moonstone lamp. Well, I really wanted this piece, but what if it didn't work? My honey doesn't like to do wiring......maybe our electrician friend R.H. would take care of the wiring, I'm pretty sure he will. It needed a shade, would I find one I liked, and last but not least was it within my budget. Well it was budget friendly, it worked, and I found this darling shade at Goodwill. The shade is a pretty burgundy with a sweet little blue flower design. I just love this little lamp and it has found a happy home on the "sidecar" with other moonstone pieces.

Angie, at Scrappy Moments tagged me. I'm to share seven things about my self. Here goes..

1. Love sweets....Good and Plenty candies are my favorite. Also love Sen~ Sen, a confection sucrerie.....also know as a breath perfume.

2. Please give me Apricot Pie for my cake for me.

3. I adore animals, at one time we had 3 dogs and 5 cats....kinda of expensive , but worth it.

4. I'm a reader, with a good book you can go anywhere.

5. I love ketchup on cottage cheese.

6. I'm an only child.

7. I love fog and rain too.

Well there you go.....I'm tagging:

Andi ~ Andi's Everyday Adventure

Polly ~ Counting Your Blessing

Ginger ~ Enchanting Cottage

Dolly ~ From My Cherry Heart

Monica ~ Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Michelle ~ I'm A Little Teapot

Rosemary ~ Rosepetitemaison

Enjoy your weekend ----- only 13 day until Halloween, wonder what these little imps are cooking up......Linda


Dolly said...

Oh my gosh Linda that lamp and shade could'nt be more perfect!
I am so excited for you!

Thank you for tagging me....
I will have to think about 7 things anyone would want to know about me!

Hugz, Dolly

Scrappy Moments said...


what a Pretty Lamp and Love The Shade. Love getting deals at Goodwill. Your Tag was great, Love this tag, it's so fun learning about people :)


Michelle said...


I love your lamp! The shade looks so pretty with the moonstone and I have never seen a lamp with moonstone! I bet you were jumping up and down.

Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to think up something and will post this weekend. Guess what? I love Good n' Plenty too!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Your 7 interesting facts were definitely interesting!! Ketchup on cottage cheese? I don't know...

Your lamp is adorable. Reminds me of milkglass.


Esther Sunday said...

Dear Linda: Thanks for stopping over to check. First - love the lamp - second, ketchup and cottage cheese? Worried about YOU! Very nice to learn more about you. Marty is doing very well, and again, we are so very lucky. Although in addition to the health scare, we have had our share of trouble with him in the past, so the future is very unknown and kinda stressful at this point. Hence, I have lost some creativity. It could all be worse, though! Love, Esther

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOVE the lamp ./...and the shade looks wonderful with it!

Michelle said...

Linda, I know I have already commented today but, I love your music! Your blog just came to life.. good job!

Back Through Time said...

I see your cute little cards like mine! Aren't they fun?? I think your little lamp is perfect for you and your collection!
Hope you are having a good weekend!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a pretty lamp, and especially lovely this time of year!!

Rosemary said...

Love the lamp, so cute.
Thanks for tagging me. I will try to come up with 7 more things. I have done it 2 times now, but I will be glad to try again. I will have to think about it for awhile.
Enjoy your weekend,

Andi said...

Woo-hoo...I've been tagged! I'll have to post my 7 things.

Love the looks perfect.

So you collect Hummels as well. You'll have to post a photo of your collection. I did that on an earlier post but would have to hunt the date to tell you where to find it.

FarmHouse Style said...

Oooo the lamp is lovely:) So glad it found a welcoming home.

Ketchup on cottage cheese?!! LOL. You remind me of my brother, he loves ketchup on eggs....YUCK! Oh well, to each his own.


Mary said...

Ooohh, love your little lamp -- what a great find!
Have a great weekend!

violetlady said...

I love that lamp. Is it the same as milkglass or hobnail?
Thanks for stopping by my blog - come back anytime!

Teresa said...

How wonderful for you that you found a new treasure.
I love the music you have added.

Take care

Tiffany said...

Hi Linda, thanks so much for stopping by ScrapsaDaisy's Autumn Cottage!

Your blog is darling, and so much fun to read. Congrats on the lamp - what a find!

I love your 7 things! What fun getting to learn a little more about you.

I'll be back! Feel free to stop on by ScrapsaDaisy any ol' time and say hello!

Sweet Remembrance said...

I love the lamp...
and anything with licorice too!

Deb said...

Hi Linda
That lamp is gorgeous! What a great find.

Lallee said...

I love your lamp and the shade is perfect for it.

You know from my blog I love animals, too, so kindred spirit here! Oh, and the sweet tooth thing too ;-)

Counting Your Blessings said...

Ewwww..ketchup on cottage cheese?!! Is moon stone different than milk glass? Thanks for the tag. I better get thinkin' Blessings... Polly

Littlepenpen said...

The lamp is gorgeous and looks like a very expensive piece, especially with its new beautiful shade! Great find! Okay.... ketchup on cottage cheese??? I like peaches or pineapple in mine.

bj said...

Ha, haa ha...I was just reading your 7 things and thought it neat that, I, too, love Apricot Pie (apricot ANYTHING,actually)
I am a hugh fan of reading and have a whole wall of bookshelves with lots of books. And, I love rain, fog, thunder, lightening (not wind, tho). I feel better when its cloudy and rainy than any other time. Never could figure out the "what a dreary day" bit was!!?! I so love it.