Monday, October 22, 2007


I adore hearts! I'm not sure why I like this shape , maybe it's because it's a symbol of love ... anyway I like it. I've been collecting little heart shaped things for a long time and these are just a few. My honey is always looking for heart shaped rocks to add to a collection he strarted years ago for me , they are really hard to find, so I don't have too many. This is one of my most favorites. It's two rocks he matched up to form a heart. I think it's too cool.
These little molds are in my kitchen and I like to change the candle to match the season. Somtimes there are three candles , but I kinda like just the one . What do you think??
I can't imagine what this opened.
Everything taste better on a heart plate. I found this in a little thrift shop in Fort Bragg.
I love sterling silver jewelry, and I'm crazy over heart bracelets. These are some of my most favorite pieces. There is mix here. Some vintage charm bracelets, and anniversray bracelet from Carl, a couple from Lisa and one from my good friend. Whenever I wear any of the pieces I think of the sweet ones who they are from.

More hearts tomorrow.....until then from my heart to yours have a happy day. Linda


Nunnie's Attic said...

I share your love! I used to have hearts everywhere. Now little by little I'm adding in stars as well. They're just very homey and cozy. Speaks love without words.

I think that heart key was to unlock the love!


Dona said...

Your song scared the crap out of me. Not use to having sound on my computor. But then it went this song is for Gabby, thats my 5 year old neice. Who sings it. I would like to download that for her.

P.S. Love silver too!!!

Dona said...

Ok, I feel like an idiot. My daughter just showed me your song list and how it has the name and title, plus more! duh! lol idiot of the day award yet again

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I wonder what that heart key went to too. That's very cool

Andi said...

Linda, I think your hearts are great and a wonderful thing to collect! I too love silver jewelry. Your bracelets are pretty.

I would like to see how the molds look with a candle in all 3.

Dolly said...

Hi Linda,
I collect heart shaped rocks too!
Hubby helps! :-)
Love your collection and that key is so unique!

Hugz, Dolly
From my heart to yours is my ebay name!

Michelle said...

I too love hearts! I think that key is just lovely - it must have been for something extra special. I think the most special of your hearts is the rock from your husband - too sweet! I have some heart bracelets too - don't you just love the sound they make when they jingle jangle on your wrist? Thanks for sharing.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I collect heart rocks too! I can't get over the 2 pieces you have, that is amazing! I love your heart key, that is just like something out of the secret garden! My late MIL collected hearts so now whenever I see them, I think of her.


Brenda said...

Love love love the key.

Littlepenpen said...

Awesome collection of hearts!

Mrs. Staggs said...

All of your hearts are lovely, and have been a pleasure to see. I especially like your cutting board.
I have the Mary Emmerling "Hearts" book. It is a nice one. I add it to my Valentines Day vignette every year.
I hope all is well.
Take care.

ric said...