Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Weekend Happenings ~

This weekend was really was so cold here we just stayed in. Saturday we had a ... Jane Austen film fest and on Sunday watched all the football games plus I did a bit of stitching and got a little reading in too. Did anyone else watch the games? I'm happy with all the wins and hope the Steelers go all the way. The days are still foggy and very grey....
but these pretty tulips from the grocery store just add a bit of cheer and a promise that Spring is in our future. It's amazing how a bouquet of flowers lifts your spirit....hugs, Linda


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend despite the weather! Those tulips are so pretty and remind me of Valentine's Day and Spring! I'd love to see your stitchery project some time soon.

Sassy J said...

Sweet tulips....maybe I need to pick up some fresh flowers at the store too...I am feeling so drab with the cold and wet know I am such a summertime baby and flip flop gal...hee-hee....I too would like to see your stitchery ya and give uncle my love...Jenn

Florence and Mary said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend,

Victoria xx

Nancy said...

Your tulips are so pretty and the movies sound like a fun day.
I did watch a couple games, but sorry, I do not like our rivals the Steelers. I like Green Bay though.
I am knitting and reading right now.
It is not bad here today, but the weekend is predicted to be in the low teens. Stay in time.

Lib said...

Love your tulips! Love fresh cut flowers.
Sounds like you had a great wk.end. DH watches sports , I made dolls. We were snowed in,melted now more to come Thurs./Fri.
Have a great wk.

Heidi said...

A JA film fest sounds like great fun! Wish you lived close so we could get together for one while stitching. :-)

The tulips are beautiful. Living in the land of tulips, I feel lucky we can get them so easily. The birds are singing here in Holland like they are telling us spring is coming. And I think it is...

Hugs from Holland ~

Joy said...

Very pretty flowers and this is certainly the time of year to sit and watch a good movie or read a good book. Stay warm!