Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~ Lunch With The Girls ~

The second Tuesday of each month is always the Johnson girls lunch party get together. We are all friends from high school (Hiram Johnson H.S.)and some of us have known each other since elementary school. It's always a fun day and yesterday was no exception. We met at Chevys for lunch, they serve the most delicious Mexican food.
Here we are waiting for our lunch....this is the neatest group of ladies...starting on the left is Ann, Judy, me, Janice, Marcia, Jeanie, Susan and Sharon. We had lots of catching up to do, it's always fun to hear the latest news and what everyone has been up to. Oh , here's lunch. Look at this delicious combination plate.....

Judy had.....yummy. Doesn't that look too delish? I had....

the best Chicken Cesar Salad, it was wonderful. Everyone had something different and it was all so good. As I said, a fun day.....friends, good conversation and yummy food...a great combination. Until next well. Hugs, to all...Linda


FarmHouse Style said...

I think it is so wonderful to have connections to friends that you have known since you were a child. I, unfortunately live too far away from my hometown to have those close ties.

Lunch looks oh, so yummy:-)


She'sSewPretty said...

How wonderful that you have kept in touch with your high school friends. My friends never got along so I try to keep them separate! LOL

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Linda!

I LOVE girl get-togethers! Your group looks beautiful and I'm so glad you had a great time. Looks like you've been busy of late. Those little lambs are so adorable that you found!

Thanks for stopping by! I have been way behind on visits and enjoyed catching up with you!!

Big hugs, Sherry

kbbryant said...

Funny but I'm hungry for Mexican food. Hmmmmm.

Kathy b

ohiofarmgirl said...

What fun that must have been. Wish I had a group to hang out with like you wishes. Dianntha

Nancy said...

That food looks yummy and you and your friends all look very happy. I still go to breakfast on Weds. with my friend since we were 6 and that is a very long time. We only see others once in awhile. Old friends are just great.

Monica said...

How neat that you and he girls live close to one another and can do fun things!
I am lucky enough to have a high school girl friend here in Japan , her hubby is Air Force as well and they got to the island a few weeks after us :) I am thankful for her!

Oh how I miss Chevy's!
Haven't had any good Mexican since we left AZ:(

Jackie said...

How wonderful that you all still get together! My highschool friends are scattered all over Canada and the U.S.

Your lunch looks yummy.

God bless.

Lib said...

Hi Linda,
What a wonderful idea!:o)
I have a couple of childhood friends that still lives close by and keep in touch.
What would life be witout friends?
Hope your wk. is great!

Vintage Tea said...

Oh I always go Chevy's when I visit the States!

Victoria xx

Vintage Tea said...

Oh I always go Chevy's when I visit the States!

Victoria xx

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I know how much these lunches can be. My class, 1961, gets together every month that has a 5th Saturday. I still stay in touch, daily, with friends from HS.

You all look wonderful and lunch looks delish!

Julie said...

I was out visiting new blogs today and found yours. I really enjoyed my visit!

The Rose Room said...

thats a lovely tradition to keep going. Rachaelxo