Saturday, March 21, 2009

~ Flowers And A Pink Vase ~

Yesterday was just a beautiful first day of Spring, and as if right on cue one of my Calla Lillies is just so pretty. I have three more buds ready to open lots of these
sweeties blooming. Are these Dewdrops...that's what I've always called them. The Dewdrops have been blooming for about a week....I love to cut them and keep fresh little bouquets in the house. Today there is a light rain and I had to rescue my Calla Lilly........
If you look closely I think you may be able to see the rain drops on the leaves. I also cut another small bunch of Dewdrops and put them in.....
this pretty little pink glass, it has the prettiest little flowers etched in it. Carl found it at the flea market today and thought it was a bud might be a wine flute, but it's going to be my bud vase now.
Enjoy the weekend...hugs, Linda


Andi said...

What a beautiful Calla Lilly! They're one of my favorite beautiful. I don't really know if Dewdrops are the correct name for the other pretty flowers but it they're lovely. And you bud vase looks wonderful with the flowers!

Hugs, Andi


oh pretty flowers(:) dewdrops or what ever the heck they are.. LOL ........pretty them what ever you want to Linda.
Thanks on my primroses too (:)

The Rose Room said...

Your Calla Lilies are lovely Linda. You are going into spring and we are into autumn. Am now off to read the other 9 post of yours that I am behind on!!! And I will get your parcel off to you this coming week. Promise! Rachaelxo

Nancy said...

How nice of your husband to find that pretty vase for you. You spring flowers are beautiful. We have noooo sign of anything coming out yet. Too cold in Ohio, we still need winter coats. Have a good Sunday.

Heidi said...

Can Calla Lillies not stay out in the rain? For us, that is an exotic plant. It is just so beautiful. I am thinking that is a bud vase. The base looks too big for a wine flute unless it is just the camera angle. Boy, oh my it is a beauty! What an eye your husband has. Is it a daffodil etched into it?

Thanks for your comment on the thread box. I had so much fun making it. I am doing fine but have to conjure up all the patience I can as it will be a long wait to see if the treatment will help. I am still have problems breathing and eating at times. I am tired but that is also improving. Thanks for asking!

Hugs ~

Jackie said...

The Calla lily is just beautiful. You are so lucky to have flowers blooming already!

God bless.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Linda they are so pretty! I can't wait until things start blooming around here!

Michelle said...

Pretty flowers! So glad your lily bloomed :)

Love the new bud vase with the dew drops!


Lib said...

Hi Linda,
What BEautiful flowers!
And what a Sweetie DH you have!
Hope you have a great wk.


HI Linda(:)
oh thanks forleaving me such sweet words(:) you are the best~!!

I bet your grandkids just love you ~
Pretty banner you have too..
hugs, Patty

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a pretty calla lilly. I just love spring :0).
I hope you have a great day!

Monica said...

i adore calla lillies!
lovely vase he found :)
hope your having a great monday!
thanks for the sweet comments on my boys :)

Rosemary said...

My Calla's are blooming too!
Happy Spring,


HI Linda,

When I married my (2nd) hubby I wanted to carry Calla Lillies...but couldn't as our wedding plans were changed. I love yours.
The lady at the sale where I got the magazines said to take more...but hubby was ready to go. I think that's my best deal ever.
Deb :)

Priscilla said...

I love all the pretty flowers linda, and I especially love the silhouettes! I hope you are enjoying your week,
see you again soon

Priscilla x

Sweetie said...

The calla lily is absolutely beautiful as is everything. The little pink glass is unique and it makes a great bud vase.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I can't imagine it being that warm already...they are beautiful. Dianntha

Kathi said...

Oh I just love your pretty spring flowers. They are lovely. My favorites are the Lily of the Valley. The scent is so heavenly. Kathi

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Linda - AND Carl!
Just stopping by for a hello and to wish you a happy spring.

Your Cala Lily is gorgeous. These so remind me of my childhood. My mother always grew these and I would take all of the pollen off of each stamen and rub it all over my arms. I know...wierd kid stuff.

LOVE the silhouette pictures. You have quite a collection.


Back Through Time said...

Your flowers are beautiful!! This month has been great here for spring except now today it is SNOWING, yuck!
Seeing all of your silhouettes makes me sorta wish I had kept all of mine.
I love them.
Hope you have had a happy weekend!

sa said...