Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Times

It's Friday evening and I can't hardly believe how quickly the week and today have flown by. Last night I finished decorating the tree and I'm so happy to have that behind me. I love doing this, but I tell you it seems to take me longer and longer each year.
How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? I just started this morning, and oh my the mall was so crowded, but it was fun, everyone was in high spirits. Santa was there and it was cute seeing the little ones visiting him and having their pictures taken. I love pictures and I have lots of photos setting about. At Christmas time I always have these two pictures on the sofa table.......
The one on the left is Lisa's first visit with Santa, she is nine months old. Such sweet memories. The other picture is me when I was eight years old. When I was little and you went shopping you always got dressed up.....can you see my little hat that matches my coat.
I think this rose will be the last for this year. It's time to prune and I just picked the last few little blooms.
More post cards. Do you see the one edged in purple. Who would have thought way back in 1910 an artist would use purple on a card. I like it , just because it is different. The Santa cup is very old. Lisa's grandpa bought it for her when she was little. She no longer uses it, but likes it at her place for Christmas dinner.
Look at the wonderful goodies from my sweet blogging friend Priscilla@ Priscilla's Cottage. She lives in England and these are all sweets from there. I have had a little of most of them and they are so delish. Isn't the little reindeer tea towel fun and I love the red post box. Thank you Priscilla Priscilla is a wonderful baker and cake decorator and you should see her amazing creations. Please visit her lovely blog, you will enjoy it.

Tomorrow Lisa and I are going to Christmas Tea and then Sunday is the WX Peddlers Faire. Do you have weekend plans? Whatever you do enjoy! Linda


Alison Gibbs said...

Linda thanks for sharing your christmas decoration photos with us. It all looks lovely.

Jen said...

Happy Saturday! I love all of your Christmas decor! I have missed being away from the blogging world lately. I have enjoyed getting a little caught up this morning. I just started my shopping lastnight and will try to finish today! Wish me luck :)

Teresa said...

I also have a picture with Santa and yes, I am dressed too! The Santa cup reminded me that I have one and I need to find it. Thanks for such great memories.


Mary said...

Oh, how sweet is that? Your photo and your daughter's photo -- both with Santa! Those are the best part of Christmas -- the memories we make each year!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Linda, I love the Santa photos! Especially the one of you as a child, so dressed up and pretty:>) What a wonderful keepsake. Your postcard collection makes a very nice display too. This weekend we are working on our churches big Christmas program, decorating tables for the dessert buffet afterward and getting everything in place. I am sure it will be a wonderful service but our entire weekend is pretty much devoted to the work of it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Christmas!

Esther Sunday said...

You do have lovely things, LInda, thank you for showing us! My parents are from Great Britain (I am first generation in the states!) so I recogonize many of those sweets! Enjoy! Love, Esther

Littlepenpen said...

I love the way you dressed up to shop and visit Santa! What a wonderful photo... you must make copies for your children, etc. Gorgeous!

Nan said...

I love your photos with Santa. I'll have to see if Mom has any old pictures of us with Santa. The postcards are fun to collect.

Michelle said...

Linda, I love the decorations~what a sweet Santa cup. I love the fact that your daughter still has it at her place setting. The Santa photos are precious! I hope you find some treasures when you go to the faire. Michelle

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Linda...I decided to not put all 999 of our ornaments on the tree this year. (Well...we don't really have that many but it's close!)...the tree we got is a little smaller but mostly I wanted to cut down on how much stress/work I have for decorating.

I love your photos!

Cottage Contessa said...

Ooohh I love those photo's of you and your daughter with Santa. I love the way you were dressed, very sweet!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

ohiofarmgirl said...

Your blog looks so festive..Christmas is close...and there is an excitment in the air..and freezing rain here too. Dianntha

FarmHouse Style said...

Precious, precious Santa photos:) I love your matching coat and hat!

Enjoy your Yummy treats from Priscilla!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Linda,
I love your Santa photos! Thank you for sharing a little of your Christmas with me!
p.s. thank you for stopping by and saying such nice things about the mosaic birdhouse I made for Kim at Daisy Cottage!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Linda, It was fun to look at your posted photos. And you gave me a great idea. I loved your JOY sign. I am going to make one and hang it from the box in my kitchen that I keep all the cards and Christmas cards I receive through out the year. Because each note and card is such a Joy to receive. We went to the mall yesterday too. I didn't want to but we had no choice as one gift I needed you could only get at the mall. Much to my surprize we had a wonderful time. There was caroling and Santa Claus and the crowds seemed to be in such a good mood. Enjoy today. ~ lynn

Rosemary said...

Everything looks beautiful. I have started shopping, not done yet.
Priscilla is a great person, and has a lovely blog.
I am going to try to get more done today.

Flea Market Queen said...

I love your photos...
We did a bit of Christmas shopping too, very crowded indeed!
It was fun though...

Dona said...

Oh Linda so glad you started your shopping. I just can't get in the mood to walk in the mall and buy NEW THINGS!!! I want to buy old,dusty,and well loved things. But all my teenagers want NEW NEW NEW!!!!!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I just love pics with Santa. Never got a pic of my dd with Santa as she was always so scared of him. Still is and she's 15!

Priscilla said...

Hi Linda,
I am so pleased you enjoyed the sweets.... I had a wonderful time picking them out for you........ Thank you ever so much for the Nice Matters award!

Hope you have a lovely week
Best Wishes
Priscilla x