Friday, November 9, 2007


I can't even remember when I started collecting turkeys. Originally, I was only going to collect vintage little gobble, gobblers but over the years my collections has evolved into a wide variety of the feathered bird. Here is part of my favorites,...oops, I shouldn't say favorites I really don't want any ruffled feathers. This turkey is a reproduction . I love his color and the lid comes off so you can use it as a candy dish or serving piece.
All the turkeys on the sidecar are rather old. This sweet pine cone turkey Lisa made for me when she was a bluebird.....I can't believe it, but that was over 35 years ago. Time does fly.
I love the little candle turkeys. On the bottom of each one is the original sticker with the manufacturers name and priced 29cents. I'm so glad they were never burned.
Look at this guy, he is just too cute. This handsome fellow is crafted from tulle, and just makes me smile. My husband found him at the WX peddlers faire last month. This Sunday is the faire, I wonder if we can find him a partner?
This is a perfect serving piece, but for me I just enjoy displaying it. This piece I found last year at the WX, hope I find a treasure or two on Sunday.

My Blessings
Blessing ~ 6 ~ My friends old and new. Always there, through good times and not so good times.
Blessing ~ 7 ~ Meeting such wonderful blogging friends. Even though we haven't met in person, I feel as if I do know you. You all are a inspiration and it's a pleasure sharing and celebrating with you.
Blessing ~ 8 ~ Sweet Lilly we found each other just at the right time.

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. ..........Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy weekend everyone ~ Linda


Dona said...

Gobble Gooble love the turkeys

Michelle said...

What a wonderful collection of turkeys. I have the same one you have on your mantle (with chocolate in it, of course!). Your blessings are so sweet and I just want to share that you are a blessing in my world as well :) xxoo

Alison Gibbs said...

Linda what a great collection of Turkeys.

FarmHouse Style said...

What a fabulous collection of Turkeys! I love the platter:)


Littlepenpen said...

Your turkey collection is wonderful. You can never have too many... and your Thanksgiving will be extra special while sharing your collection with others.

Rosemary said...

I love your turkeys!! They are the best. Your blessings were so nice.
Have a great weekend,

Wanda said...

Love the collection! And your moonstone is sooo pretty. It all looks lovely on the sideboard.

Wanda - A fellow turkey collector.

Scrappy Moments said...

Thanks for visiting The Gratitude Gala , It's not to late to sign up, I can edit the post and add You , it is today & tommorow, so if you would like to be linked , just post on blog :)

Love your Turkeys and all Of Your Beautiful Decorations ;)


Sweet Remembrance said...

You have quite a collection of turkeys! I love the tulle one...

Mary said...

Oh, I love all our turkeys, especially the platter! :)

Dolly said...

Hi Linda,
I heart your turkey collection!

Thank you for visiting my Cherry Heart Boutique grand opening! And for the encouraging words!

I am putting your name in the hat for my blog give away! Keep your fingers crossed!

Enjoy your weekend!
Hugz, Dolly

Anonymous said...

Mom, Havnt posted on your blog for sometime but look often. Everything looks so nice! I love that you added the music player, your song picks are awesome, especially over the rainbow. All the gopple gopplers look great, I really like the 1 Dad found at WX.. I hope you find some nice ones on Sunday and maybe you will be lucky enough to find some vintage christmas decoration too.

I love you, Lisa

p.s. Blessings: I know I dont say it nearly enough but I am truly blessed to have you and daddy as my parents. I thank God everyday for you being cancer free for over 5 years and daddy doing well after his heart surgery almost 5 years ago.

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love your turkeys. But that platter is GORGEOUS!! And you're a blessing to all of us as well, honey!


Andi said...

I love turkeys!!! I have a small collection as well and really need to take a picture and post it on my blog.

Your turkey platter is wonderful!!!

Back Through Time said...

Your turkeys are great and I love how you found a way to tuck in some of your moonstone!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Linda, Loved seeing your gobbler collection. How sweet that you still have the pine cone turkey. The only turkeys I have are the real ones in the fields out front. :)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love the platter!! That is my favorite turkey of yours!

Esther Sunday said...

Love the turkeys! YOU are a blessing!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Weekend to You too! I enjoyed your Turkeys...I do not have one!

The Rose Room said...

Linda, thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my post:) Such support from virtual strangers who have become virtual friends, is overwhelming:) I love these turkeys, I have a whole new appreciation of seasonal/festive occasion decorating. I have to confess I love eating turkey also:) He's part of our Christmas meal:)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful much fun...

Have a blessed weekend!
kari and kijsa

PAT said...

Great turkeys, Linda! I have a platter like yours, tucked away somewhere. I should see if I can find it.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I love your turkey collection, Linda. I only have a few of them, but enjoy bringing them out during November to celebrate this lovely month of Thanksgiving.
Your new plate in the post up above is going to be a nice addition.
Best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...