Saturday, September 8, 2007


Time to celebrate! I've established my blog and this is my first entry. It's very exciting but I'm a little nervous too. I find setting the VCR a challenge so this is a very big step for me but here I go.........

Tomorrow is the 2nd Sunday monthly Peddlers Fair here in Sacramento. It's held rain or shine outside in two huge parking lots under the freeway. Yes, I know I did say the the freeway. There are over 250 booths with many wonderful antiques, collectibles and lots of little odds and ends. There is truly something for everyone.

We'll be starting out bright and early tomorrow and I hope I find a little treasure to share with you.

Enjoy your day whatever you do........Linda


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!

Congrats on getting this blog set up! I'm very impressed :) I can't wait to check back for your treasure updates.. Good luck tomorrow!

Purple Pixie said...

Hi Mom =) Congratulation on starting your blog. I love the title, url, wildflower header, color scheme and very first post. I can see you worked hard on this. I look forward to seeing all your future posts, but for now celebrate in a blog well done.

I love you,

TinaTx said...

Hi Linda!

Congrats on the blog! Looks great. I'm technically challenged myself and if I can do this anyone can. I did mine all by myself - no one (in this house) even knows I have a blog yet.

Can't wait to see what treasures you find!

Rhonda Jean said...

Hi Linda, congratulations on the blog. I just wanted to let you know you're in the napkin swap at my blog. I'll sort out partners when I finish my volly job tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Hi Linda

Well done on your first blog post! and many more to come I hope :)