Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~ The Turkeys Are Here ~

Today has been the busiest day, yesterday I was gone all day and when I did get home I was just too tired to put all our Halloween decoration away...so I did that this morning. After getting all that tucked away it was time to get the turkeys out. That was a huge... job but I'm happy to say I'm finished decorating for Thanksgiving and that is a wonderful feeling. I bought this blue turkey plate last year and just love it mixed with all my moonstone pieces....next week at the peddlers faire I'm going to be hunting for some blue turkeys...in all my years of collecting gobble gobblers I don't remember ever seeing any. Have you?? After I find them my turkey collection is closed...I never thought I'd say that because I love the little fellas but enough is enough. I'll be sharing pictures in the days to come....have a nice evening...hugs, Linda


Anonymous said...

That's an exquisite platter Linda. I want to come live with you!!!!! Everything is always so pretty and festive. Have a good night.


what a beautiful picture Linda,,
...I love the turkey plate with the other blue plate behind it (:) Thanks on my big chair pic
... no didn't make that cute cat (:)

Sassy J said...

Good evening Auntie, I can't wait to see all your turkey pictures...I stole a picture of your clip art and added to my blog, hope you don't mind....where do you get all your cute clipart for your blog? I guess you guys are happy the Giants won? We were happy for our Rangers even though the didn't win the series, this is the farthest they have gone....everything in your home looks very festive, I do not have much Thanksgiving decore at all even though I like all the decorations....I guess it is because I always put Christmas up way to early, but I always get so excited I can't seem to wait....good night, Love ya, Jenn

Vonna said...

I hear you on having collections closed :) Oh heavens do I hear you....my husband heard you years ago! LOL!
Love the plate and can't wait to see your fellas!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Decorating for the seasons is always a big job and I struggle with should I do it...but I am always happy when I get it done!!


Hi Linda,
LOVE your blue turkey plate. I have one also, and they are hard to find! Guess we are the "lucky" ones!
deb :)

Florence and Mary said...

That is such a gorgeous plate!

Victoria xx

Michelle said...

What pretty decorations.. hard to believe it is time for turkeys. I wish I had my decorating done ~ oh well, something to do this weekend!

Michele said...

oh I love that turkey plate!!! can't wait to see your turkey collection .. I love them too :)

Joy said...

Love your turkey plate! I just got my decorations up too. Waiting on a new tablecloth from Kohls to come in and I will take some pics.
Have a great weekend!

Lib said...

Love the Blue Turkey!
Have a Great wk.end!

Love Bears All Things said...

No, I've not seen any Blue turkeys.
Mama Bear