Saturday, July 3, 2010

~ Celebrate ~

~~~~ Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth Of July ~~~~ I just got "Long May She Wave" from the framers and I'm so happy with the way this piece turned out....I think it's one of my favorite stitches ever.
This morning we went to a fun neighborhood parade and tomorrow we're celebrating the 4th with a bar-b-que......have a happy celebration weekend...hugs, Linda


ohiofarmgirl said...

It looks really nice, Linda. Have a safe and happy 4th. Dianntha

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Its gorgeous!
Happy 4th !!
Have a great weekend

Mildred said...

Hi Linda and Happy July 4th weekend! Your sampler looks so beautiful ~ I clicked to enlarge and it is just perfect. Enjoy the BBQ!

Love Bears All Things said...

Its a lovely piece and just in time...I've been stitching away today and also crocheting those little preemie caps..I confess that crocheting is painful, it causes that ache in my wrist to return...I quit and it goes away after awhile so I return to my caps...I've only made 2+so far but they are quick to make so I expect to make many more. Have a wonderful holiday, we're having a quiet one, just us two...eating lots of ripe tomato sandwiches..Yum.
Mama Bear


Hi Linda,
That one is wonderful! Your needlework is awesome!
Happy 4th to You!
Deb :)

Lib said...

Love your stitching!
Happy 4th to you and yours!


Linda that really turned out nice(:) Happy 4th to you too..sounds like you are having fun day..yeah~!!
Over cast and the cherry pick is going on so not much planned here but the baby- 15 month old grandson is napping right now and it was fun to have him overnight (:)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

It is gorgeous! I have some that still need framing that I did YEARS ago!

Florence and Mary said...

I hope your 4th July celebrations were great fun.

Victoria xx

Sassy J said...

Ooooo, Auntie, I love Long May She Wave...that is a beauftiful piece...I want to do this one too, would look lovely with my other piece...glad you are enjoying your new i phone, we are sure enjoying you being on board with ya, Jenn

Erin said...

Your stitching looks amazing! If you have a moment stop by my blog for a wonderful give away! Erin

Siobhan said...

Linda, oh my gosh, that is SO pretty!! I love the frame you used--perfect. I hope you had a good 4th!

Nancy said...

That piece is just beautiful. You can be proud for sure.