Saturday, June 19, 2010

~ Happy Weekend ~

I just picked these pretties at a little creek near us. They are just so light and lacey, the little blooms kind of remind me of snowflakes. I think these are called Queen Ann's Lace....not sure. Do you know?
It is a lovely day today and the same is predicted for Sunday, Father's Day. We're having a bar-b-que tomorrow and Carl requested burgers, dogs and his favorite macaroni salad.....brownies and ice cream too....yum. Wishing everyone a happy day and a wonderful Father's Day....hugs, Linda


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

They are lovely !
Have a great weekend

Mildred said...

I've always heard them called Queen Anne's Lace. My sister says you can put food coloring in the water and change the color of the "lace" ~ wouldn't that be pretty!
Your plans for tomorrow sound perfectly delightful. Enjoy!

vintage girl at heart said...

these are so pretty.... ya just never know what you will find at the creek!!! love that idea to use food coloring to alter the color!!!


Hi Linda,
Yes, I would call the Queen Ann's lace and they are pretty. Are you going to let them dry?
LOVE the flower frog you bought and get idea to use as a holder!
Your BBQ sounds yummy!
Deb :)

Heidi said...

I love Queen Anne's lace but could not put it in a vase as Jos has hay fever. So I have fake and it looks so real that people feel Did you know that Queen Anne's lace is actually a wild carrot?

Hugs from Holland ~

Nancy said...

Yes, it is queen anne lace. I love them. They are wildflowers and they are always beautiful growing everywhere. I tried to plant some in my yard once though, and they would not grow. lol.
Have a fun day.


SO pretty love them Linda..
Have a fun BBQ(:) alway nice to get together with our families..

Florence and Mary said...

They look so pretty,

Victoria xx

Sassy J said...

Yes, Auntie, Queen Anne's Lace is right....I just love it when we are on a road trip and you see them lined in the fields...very pretty....Hope Uncle had a Wonderful Father's Day....We had a great day at mom's and of course we all ate way too much! Love ya and give Uncle a Hug and Lisa too! Jenn

Siobhan said...

Beautiful flowers! I am glad to read the comments that they are called Queen Anne's Lace--you learn something new every day. :) I hope you had a good weekend!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I love your queen anne!!! Sounds like a great meal. Blessings, Dianntha