Thursday, April 29, 2010

~ Lisa's Bazaar Birthday ~

Oh, my goodness. Yesterday was Lisa's birthday and I didn't share it. But I tell you it was a bazaar day. We had plans for a special birthday dinner celebration, fixing all her favorites but that has been postponed to this coming weekend and let me tell you why.

Sunday evening she got the worst would come and go. She took Tylenol and used some stuff you put on your gum and that helped a bit. Monday she called her dentist bright and closed, Tuesday she called. By this time she was better but guess where she spent her birthday? Yup, the dentist and she had a root canal. So her dinner was a bowl of tomato soup and a tiny piece of her Fruit Basket cake. Happy Birthday honey...we love you very much. So sorry about your special day, but we'll have a nice celebration on Saturday...hugs, kisses and all our love.....Mama and Papa


Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Lisa and what a miserable way to spend her birthday. I hope she was able to enjoy some of the cake.

Victoria xx

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! We hope your tooth is feeling better and that you have a great celebration this weekend..

Rob & Michelle

Dianntha said...

Thanks LInda...I sent her a message and I hope I hear back soon!!! Dianntha

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend clelebration! xx

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh poor Lisa, I feel for her. I spent last Christmas at the dentist office in a strange town in a strange state. This was after my local dentist said everything was fine.....NOT! That dentist charged me $200.00 for that visit but I was in such pain it was worth it until I could get home to get the problem fixed. ugh! At least I have a "funny" story to tell now. xoxo