Thursday, January 7, 2010

~ Winter Time ~

I'm so happy to have Christmas tucked away...what a job. Why is it each year it seems to take me longer to get all the decorations away? I'm thinking I put too much stuff out.

I love this little pillow...I know we'll never get snow here, just lots of fog, which I adore. I know lots of people are not happy with the gray days but I look forward to this time of year. To everyone experiencing the piercing cold, snow and ice, keep warm and cozy...I hope you do not have to be out and about...hugs, Linda


ohiofarmgirl said...

Love the little pillow...
we are getting lots of snow this afternoon!
I know most people start in the center but I had a lady at the cross stitch store help me count it out so I could start at the beginning.
I have seen some of the progress on other time I see one I will send you a link!
Have a great afternoon. Dianntha

Nancy said...

Hi Linda:
Heidi will be so happy to see your little pillow. It came out so cute. That is the only design I made that she did.
I just got home and the roads are starting to get really bad. I was not driving. LOL.
It is cold and snow and more snow.
My word for your comment is amishobi
too funny.


Hi Linda- No snow for you :)
is it sunny there most of the winter?? or rainy..
Glad you came over and like my brooms yup they cheer up the gray days (:)
and the pie is wonderful
you ever had one??
Razzle Berry Pie
by Marie Callender..
they have a really good crust and flavor they are kinda good for us with all the berries- LOL hugs, Patty


Love the little pillow too (:)

Anonymous said...

I love your cross stitch pillow. I did not decorate for Christmas this year as we are putting our house on the market. It's been hard enough just organizing what is out!!! Georgia rarely gets snow but today it has snowed all day! I hope to get some photos on the blog soon.

Denise said...

I am warm and cozy and plan on staying that way till Sunday. Burrrrrr -17 wind chill tonight! I love this time of year also but not this cold....... I am stuck in the house and cannot even go to my shop! That makes me grumpy! hahahah

Did you make the little pillow?

Florence and Mary said...

That pillow is rather appropriate for us in the UK at the moment as we struggle with the latest snowfall!

Victoria xx

Kathi said...

Linda, Doesn't that feel good, puttin' it all away finally? Me too. I'm so much like you. Love that cute pillow. The picture on your headliner is so peaceful. Have a great week. Kathi

Parsley said...

Cute pillow. Too bad you don't get to see snow. I know when my husband lived in the CA desert it was rarely seen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new people!

Linda said...

What a cute little pillow. It's COLD here...NO SNOW OR ICE:) LOVE what I see here so I'm going to follow along with you.


Nancy said...

Oh Linda, sorry, I threw you a curve. You know the words that come up and you have to type them in, that was the word. I just thought it was funny because I had just posted and it started amish. sorry.
Are you on facebook, if so, invite me to be your friend.

Lib said...

Love the pillow !
We are snowed in I'll be happy to share it with you!

Michelle said...

Love your pillow ~ so glad you like the fog .. I would like to see Mr. Sunshine please.

Priscilla said...

Cute pillow! We in england are having snow, more than we have in a long time... it looks lovely,not so good for walking on staying in and cross stitching! ha,ha..

Priscilla x

ohiofarmgirl said...

Linda, I am not sure to the name of my fabric it is lamb's something...I am sorry I had my cross stitch store choose it for me but I can find out if you like. Dianntha

ceekay said...

I love that little pillow. I need to start doing that again....thanks for popping in and saying hi! Hope you had a great week.

Jackie said...

Love the pillow, and be careful what you wish for. I wanted a white Christmas, got it and it hasn't stopped snowing since.

God bless.

She'sSewPretty said...

You like fog?! Eek! I guess I don't mind unless I have to drive in it and I worry about my hubby and kids driving in it. I did venture out in the fog today to mail you package. Finally. It should be there by Monday. I hope you'll enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend Linda!

Heidi said...

Hi Linda! Love the way you display the ornament in a bowl with just perfect accessories. Can I save the photo for my blog?

I am also one that loves these winter days. Everyone seems to be complaining but not me. I am enjoying the warmth of our woodstove and doing lots of stitching and quilting. The perfect weather for it. What are you working on now?

Hugs ~

BittersweetPunkin said...

It took me TWO DAYS to put all my stuff away and I was grumpy :) I put out a LOT less and it still took me awhile, and I still have empty shelves I need to fill back up.

No snow for me yet this winter...we had flurries once or twice but they melted as soon as they hit the ground.


Siobhan said...

That's an adorable little pillow! Congrats on the finish. :)