Monday, August 24, 2009

~~ Totally Useless SAL ~~

Hi everyone....I joined the Totally Useless SAL. The idea behind this SAL is so fun! All you do is keep all your little bits and pieces of your stitching thread from projects you are working on...instead of tossing it, save it . These little pieces are called ORTS...... Find a fun little container, dish, jelly jar, vase, whatever strikes your fancy and put your threads in it. Here is my Ort container...I've been collecting these little threads for about a week or so...this should be a new collection. Each month, when there is the new moon it's time to show your Orts......for more information visit Yoyo and sign up. Hugs, Linda

Note....SAL means ....stitch a long....a group working on the same project

Ort......the dictionary says an ort is a small fragment or morsel left behind


Sharon said...

I like how they look in that jar. I do have two questions though, what does SAL mean and what does ORTS stand for? It's a cute idea. :0)

Hugs, Sharon

Linda said...

Sharon was wondering what SAL means and what Orts stood for ----

SAL means stitch a long....a group doing the same project

Ort.... the dictionary says an ort is a small morsel or a fragment left behind

Hugs, Linda:)

Mildred said...

A unique idea and so pretty in the glass container.

Florence and Mary said...

What a fun idea!

Victoria xx

Heidi said...

I collect my orts in a pretty hand painted glass I bought when we lived in Sweden.

I love the Elm Creek Quilts books too. Beware about reading The Master Quilter! It is what got me started on making Sylvia's Bridal Quilt. :-)

Hugs ~

Love Bears All Things said...

They do accumulate in a hurry, don't they. I finished my piece I was working on. I'm going to try and get it to the framers this week.
Are all the members of your group friends who live nearby or online friends?
Mama Bear

Michelle said...

Cute container for your threads.. enjoy!


Jackie said...

Cute idea, and the little jar looks quite decorative with all those colours in it.

God bless.

Nancy said...

You already have quite a collection going on. It will be fun to see how many different jars you store them in.

blushing rose said...

Now who would have thought ... clever idea.

TY for popping over. Gail is a wonderful designer, isn't she.

Have a great eve. TTFN ~Marydon

The Rose Room said...

what a great idea, I have had plenty of Orts in the last week I could have saved! Rachaelxo

The Rose Room said...

what a great idea, I have had plenty of Orts in the last week I could have saved! Rachaelxoi

Love Bears All Things said...

I bought a little jar today to use for my Orts.
Mama Bear

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am glad you explained SAL because I never would have guessed it. And boy did you inspire me. I am going to keep a jar by my machine to hold all the tiny useless bits of thread. Wish I had done that years ago! :)


Hi Linda..
Oh cute post(:) I have some of those heart measuring spoon too.. they are so cute..
Yup the grandkids are growing like weeds..
I am pooped to day I had them overnight.. and they keep us a hopping.. hugs, Patty

Kathi said...

I love that cute little jar Linda. What a fun idea. Have a wonderful day at the beach.