Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~~Last Night We Stitched~~

Good Morning's a beautiful sunny morning not too hot just perfect. I'm getting ready to have a late breakfast on the porch and just watch the world go by. But first let me show you........... my stitchie. Last night was our stitch get is so neat to stitch with Lisa and Michelle. We are working on the stars and then on to the sentiment, which is a favorite of mine. I'm just loving the colors in this piece and it is really putting me in the mood for Autumn. Is anyone else ready for a change of season?


Thank you for the kind comments concerning our trip to the lake. I know some were wondering where the lake is. Well, it's a beautiful spot in northern California...92 miles from the capital city of Sacramento. After the repairs to the truck, did we head back to the lake? No, we were just ready to come home and did...but the good news is we are planning another trip for sometime in October.

Swampgirl, you are right there is a mystery series that is centered around a Loon Lake. I read the stories but for the life of me I can't think of the author or any of the titles. I do remember they were easy reads and I did enjoy them.

Off to have my breakfast....have a lovely day.....hugs, Linda


Nancy said...

I think the books might have been by Victoria Holt. I read them ages ago if that is the one you are thinking of.
Your stitching is really coming along. It is going to be soooo cute. Our weather is feeling like fall now, hope it last.

Lib said...

HI Linda,
Oh sweet ya'll getting together.:o)
I Love your stitching.
Have a great wk.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Have a wonderful day Linda!!


Jackie said...

Friends to share a simple joy with, what could be better. Enjoy stitching.

God bless.

white o'morn cottage said...

Welcome back! It all sounds so lovely...

Michelle said...

Hi Linda,

We will be done with this before we know it! See ya next week..


PEA said...

Hello dear Linda:-)

Finally catching up with your latest's been one of those weeks with little time for visiting! I just read about your lake trip...oh dear, what a thing to happen while driving up the mountain! Glad that someone finally stopped to give you a hand...I can't believe that sheriff's car didn't even stop! Glad to see you're home safe but what a shame your trip had to be canceled. Love your stitching and yes, I'm just about ready for a change of season as well:-) xoxo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You sure are making progress on your piece! Looking fabulous. Yes, I am ready for fall. These past few warm days have really made me think about the nice cool air and change of colors that I love so much.

I caught up on your posts and have to say I am sorry to hear that you and Carl did not make it to Loon lake. What a huge disappointment!!

Linda, you found some pretty things at the faire! I also love the soldered piece that Michelle made for you. How cute is that?

Have a lovely day,

Kelli said...

What a lovely project, Linda! I can't wait for fall and all the lovely things it brings.
P.s. Thank you for your sweet comment on my giveaway post!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Linda, sorry to hear about the repairs thing...:-(

Your stitching is looking great!

Andi said...

Oh Linda, your stitching is just beautiful! You may have inspired be to break out some of my cross stitch patterns and see if I can see well enought to stitch something.

Sharon said...

The stitching party sounds like such fun! I'm sorry that you ended up not even going to the lake, but so glad to hear you are taking a trip in the fall.

Have a great evening!

:0) Sharon

Heidi said...

Love your BD stitching! It really does say autumn is here and it almost is. If you read my CTS blog, you will see that I am more than ready for this season to start. I am trying so hard to wait another week to get out my autumn decorations but it is so difficult to resist.

Hugs ~

Priscilla said...

I am so sorry I have missed so much! Your cross stitching is coming along great, and yes i am also very ready for a change of season.....roll on october! ha,ha